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Tee command for Windows






Wintee uses the `tee' command to copy standard input to standard output and also to any files given as arguments. This is useful when you want not only to send some data down a pipe, but also to save a copy.

Wintee will take any input from standard input and copy the data to standard out and any files specified on the command line. The most common way for people to use wintee will be to pipe the output of some command into wintee using the "|" operator on the command line.

By default wintee will replace any file specified as a command parameter. To avoid losing any previous contents of the output file(s) use the -a parameter to force wintee to append the output to the end of the files. Currently the append setting is global to all of the files specified, but I can see where a person would want to overwrite one file but append to a different file such as a networked syslog file.

a append to the given file(s), do not overwrite
i ignore interrupt signals
? display the help screen and exit
--version output version information and exit
--help display the help screen and exit
Last updated on February 2nd, 2012
Wintee - Wintee uses the Command prompt interface to copy the user defined data to any of the specified files.

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