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A useful and efficient software utility meant to function as an application manager and downloader, helping you keep your PC up to date

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allmyapps is an easy to use tool meant to work as an application updater, allowing you to keep your system in tune with the latest features and fixes.

The program scans your computer in order to determine the applications that are installed on it, as well as their version number. If one or more of them are outdated, allmyapps enables you to quickly download and install the required updates. In addition, this utility can help you uninstall software from your PC. Also, you can set certain applications to never be updated, regardless of their version.

The 'Store' section of allmyapps allows you to explore the various categories, such as 'Hot Apps' or 'PC Essentials'. In addition, you can view the available software grouped according to their function, for instance 'Browsers', 'Communication', 'Security', 'Video', 'Audio', 'Games' and more. The available apps can be sorted depending on their license or size.

If you happen to find a particular program that you like, you can download it from allmyapps' interface, provided that you have an Internet connection. The application will then appear in the 'My Apps' section, enabling you to quickly install it.

A negative aspect of allmyapps is the fact that it constantly displays advertisements in its interface, but also the fact that it attempts to install additional applications during its own installation process. Moreover, it offers you no means of scanning any of the downloaded apps, so you cannot be entirely sure of their contents. Another aspect that should be mentioned is the fact that it does not display an exhaustive list of installed applications, but only the more important ones, such as runtimes or Internet browsers.

While allmyapps can prove quite useful in helping you update certain applications from your computer, it is not very transparent in terms of what and where it downloads the software.

allmyapps was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on March 16th, 2014
allmyapps - With the help of allmyapps you are able to view the latest apps from different categories and manage the installed ones on your system

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