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A keyboard manager to help you with your work

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Writing texts in non-English languages, especially non-Latin ones, requires a dedicated tool that can help you insert the language-specific symbols using the English keyboard. eKalappai is such an application, enabling you to write text in multiple Indian regional languages.

Once installed, the application runs silently in the system tray, allowing you to quickly toggle between English and Indian keyboards. The tray icon provides fast access to the application's settings, where you can configure its behavior.

One of the main advantages of the program is the ease of use. The main interface only consists of one window, which comprises all the configuration options, so you don't have to deal with complicated settings in order to activate the Indian keyboard.

eKalappai provides support for multiple Tamil keyboards, as follows: Tamil99, Phonetic, Typewriter, Bamini and Inscript. You can select the one you want to use from within the main window and even set a custom shortcut key for activating the keyboard.

Pressing the user-defined key combination immediately changes the keyboard layout, enabling you to start writing in one of the above-mentioned regional languages. Returning to the default English language is just as easy, since you simply have to press the shortcut key again in order to make the switch. This action disables the Indian keyboard and modifies the layout again to English.

The program could use an enhancement to its language support, since there are other widely used Indian languages currently not available within eKalappai. A spell checking tool for Indian or a keyboard layout learning tool could also come in handy.

All in all, eKalappai provides you with an easy to configure keyboard management tool that allows you to type Indian text. Designed mostly for Indian persons who live abroad, it comes in handy for anyone who needs to write a text in one of the supported Indian regional languages.

eKalappai was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on June 19th, 2013
eKalappai - eKalappai will provide users with a keyboard manager to help them with their work

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