uWave SDR0.8.1 Alpha

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Create software-defined radios (SDRs) for microwave bands





uWave SDR is an intuitive application that enables you to control a SDR device and perform signal processing from your computer.

Prior to using uWave SDR, you must create a new configuration profile for the new SDR and that is where the uWave SDR GUI Setup application comes in. uWave SDR also comes with a SDR emulator, designed for testing purposes.

The software provides support for Ethernet-based and other types of hardware. It enables you to adjust the SDR frequency and includes a repeater shift and four VFOs.
Last updated on June 1st, 2013
uWave SDR - The uWave SDR GUI Setup window enables you to create a new configuration profile.uWave SDR - You can easily change the old SDR IP address and control port from the dedicated Setup window.uWave SDR - When launching uWave SDR, you have to specify the configuration you want the application to load.uWave SDR - screenshot #4uWave SDR - The main window of uWave SDR enables you to adjust the frequency and activate the transmit mode.

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