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A simple-to-use Internet Explorer add-on that automatically checks the websites that are you are surfing on, and marks them as safe or malicious

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Browser Defender is a lightweight Internet Explorer extension designed to help you find out if the websites that you are surfing on are safe or not.

The add-on offers support for toolbar integration, so you can quickly access its features. The program is able to mark webpages as safe by connecting to its servers.

Additionally, it provides information about the rating given to each website based on the threats or malicious behaviour associated with the site.

Basically, it proves to be extremely easy to work with this application, as it automatically scans the websites that you are navigating on and marks them as safe or malicious.

Browser Defender boasts a clean and simple configuration panel that allows you to set up the dedicated parameters with minimum effort.

The tool gives you the possibility to select the language, enable or disable the Browser Defender toolbar, automatically download and install updates, set the Search Defender as your home page, and enable the keyword searching operations.

Since it doesn’t require much computer knowledge to work with this tool, even less experienced users can master the utility with minimum effort.

During our testing we have noticed that Browser Defender carries out a task quickly, and no errors showed up throughout the entire process. As it would be expected from such as small utility, it remains light on system resources, so it doesn’t hamper computer performance, nor interfere with other programs’ functionality.

To sum things up, Browser Defender offers a simple yet efficient software solution for helping you surf on the Internet in a safe mode.

Browser Defender was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on January 8th, 2014
Browser Defender - Browser Defender will ensure users with safety when browsing the InternetBrowser Defender - Users will be able to view statistics about thei favorite websites by accessing the report option on the newly installed toolbarBrowser Defender - The Settings window will provide users with General, Smart Update, Search or Safety options

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