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Lightweight program which provides users with a simple means of fixing particular problems from Internet Explorer, such as broken hyperlinks and printing issues

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Internet Explorer is one of the most used browsers. Sometimes, after a long usage you may encounter some errors that do not allow you to visit or print some web pages. IEFix can help you fix those problems and restore the web browser’s functionality.

Some issues that might arise when using IE

There are a few symptoms that require you to take measures. Sometimes you click on a link and nothing happens or you right-click a hyperlink to open it in a separate window and the new window is blank. There is no need to reinstall your operating system or to install a new browser because IEFix can repair the damage by registering the core Internet Explorer libraries.

Another problem that you may face deals with printing. Not getting a response after using the Print command from the File menu or the Quick Print button from the toolbar can be frustrating. And if not even the Print preview does not work you know that is time to take action.

Read the documentation available and the process on Windows XP

To find out if IEFix is a good option check the IE About window and the Internet Options Advanced tab. If they are empty, it is very likely to repair the browser by using this program. Mind that it does not work in the same way on every version of Windows or Internet Explorer so you should check the program description before installing it.

If you are running Windows XP the program tries to repair the application path setting and to reinstall the application by using the IE.inf file. That is why you should keep the Windows Installation CD close by.

A final evaluation

IEFix offers a quick fix for the problems that we mentioned. If the symptoms persist even after the use of this application we recommend reinstalling the Internet Explorer browser.

IEFix was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on August 4th, 2014
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