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A small and effective application that will make it possible for any user to slowdown the CPU by adjusting the processor clock speed






Keeping the system processor constantly under a heavy load will decrease its lifespan and if the stress level is too high, it might do some irreparable damage.

Another downside is the increased power consumption, especially on PC configurations that have to be up and running all day long.

For those who want to prevent the above mentioned mishaps from happening, there are some solutions that can help ease the burden and one of them is by using a dedicated utility like winThrottle.

Designed to be used on older versions of Windows, this program is all about configuring the CPU clock speed and having it adjusted according to the user's custom parameters.

A neat feature of winThrottle is its ability to slow down the processor each time it senses the utilization is under a certain threshold. In a similar manner, in case the processor activity goes above a specific value, this tool will increase the CPU speed.

The throttling level can be set manually in a very simple manner. More precisely, using the slider on the upper part of the main window, users will be able to modify the speed according to their needs.

Insofar as the installation procedure for the system driver that must be present on the computer in order to have winThrottle function properly, the documentation included in the package will help make things clear.
Last updated on June 28th, 2009
winThrottle - The Configuration window of winThrottle

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