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This tool keeps memory use in check on the system without any of the memory being pushed to the page file. This in turn keeps the system running smoother.

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CleanMem is a tool designed to optimize the system memory when it is highly demanded. The mechanism is simple: the memory is cleared, and your computer's performance improves.

This kind of tool is highly recommended for users who have a small amount of RAM installed on their computer, making it difficult to simultaneously handle multiple processes.

The GUI is standard, but the program can be difficult to use by beginners (especially if they are not familiarized with scripts).

How does it work? In the Advanced Monitor section found in CleanMem Mini Monitor you can enable CleanMem to automatically run every given number of minutes, when memory usage surpasses a certain level (a similar option can also be enabled to automatically clean file cache).

If you access CleanMem Settings, you can enable or disable the system file cache clearance and log files creation, and select operating mode (all processes, ignore list, or only list).

In addition, you can install and edit a task scheduler, a feature that lets you create and manage common tasks, but also connect to another computer.

For example, if you want to create a basic task, you have to select the event or time that triggers it (e.g. daily, when a specific event is logged), as well the task you want it to perform (start a program, send an e-mail or display a message). But there are also more advanced and detailed options (when you create a task that's not basic).

The bottom line is that CleanMem is clearly an effective tool for clearing system memory, but also a thorough task scheduler.

CleanMem was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on August 26th, 2014
CleanMem - CleanMem will help you keep memory use in check on the system without any of the memory being pushed to the page fileCleanMem - Users will be able to quickly and easily view the amount of used memory, the RAM Total and Commit Total valuesCleanMem - The Mini Monitor window will provide users with Monitor Settings and Advanced Monitor optionsCleanMem - screenshot #4CleanMem - screenshot #5CleanMem - screenshot #6CleanMem - screenshot #7CleanMem - screenshot #8CleanMem - screenshot #9

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