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Optimize your computer's memory fast and easy.

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WinCleaner Memory Optimizer is a very easy to use application supposed to improve your computer performance by optimizing and cleaning the memory.

The interface is clearly the main thing that makes the program so easy to use, providing a total of three tabs, each featuring its very own pack of settings.

The first and the main tab shows not only a memory usage history graph to help you track memory performance, but also some other stats, such as free and total virtual memory and free and total physical memory.

Additionally, there are two different tools to optimize and maximize RAM, plus a separate slider to adjust the target amount of RAM to free.

The “Configuration” screen is the one that lets you configure the application to perform an auto optimization at a user-defined time, thus making sure that your computer is running at full speed all the time. By default, WinCleaner Memory Optimizer can free your memory at every 10 minutes, but you can adjust the program to do the same time at every 3 hours.

In addition, you can configure histogram update frequency and optimize RAM on startup, with the app being able to keep an icon in the System Tray and do its magic whenever memory usage reaches a defined limit.

WinCleaner Memory Optimizer indeed does a great job and it really increases system performance, but keep in mind that you must keep it running all the time to automatically optimize the memory at the defined interval. The amount of needed resources is minimal and the tool works flawlessly on all Windows versions.

Overall, WinCleaner Memory Optimizer is one of the best utilities of its kind and provides an impressively user friendly approach to target all types of users.

WinCleaner Memory Optimizer was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on February 10th, 2012
WinCleaner Memory Optimizer - The main window of WinCleaner Memory Optimizer will enable you to see the exact state of your memory.WinCleaner Memory Optimizer - You can easily customize the application with the help of the Configuration tab.WinCleaner Memory Optimizer - The CPU Information tab can come in handy when you want to see exactly how hard is your CPU working.

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