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Powerful program that helps you allow applications for serial ports to be used with ISDN and DSL, block certain prefixes or receive warnings, and set up multiple COM ports

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cFos is network software application developed to help you allow programs for serial ports to be used with ISDN and DSL. The utility is able to block certain prefixes, work with multiple COM ports, and monitor incoming calls.

Configuration settings during installation

During the installation process you can integrate DSL and ISFN (and ATM), and adjust the TCP/IP settings for optimum performance, as well as deactivate NetBIOS over TCP/IP.

The tool offers support for multiple COM ports, so you can transfer data via multiple channels simultaneously, and you may enable the desired ones.

An advanced set of features gives you the possibility to activate the Traffic Shaping option in order to surf on the web faster, firewall, time sync (automatically synchronize computer time with Internet or ISDN time), ISDN caller monitor (for displaying phone number of incoming calls), dynamic CAPI loading (recommended for laptops), as well as custom parameters.

At the end of the installation, the tool lets you set up your DSL connection by providing information about the connection name, username, password, and access phone number, and enabling the auto-connect feature.

User interface

cFos runs quietly in the system tray and lets you access its features by right-clicking on its icon. You can start or stop the service, and set up several parameters related to drivers, online budgets and general options.

Phone number blocking options

The application lets you create a custom list with phone numbers that you want to block (only for Internet connections or for all cFos modems) and receive warnings. Additionally, you may activate this feature for all dial-up connections and enter a dial prefix.

Budget management and call monitoring options

cFos offers a smart and convenient way for managing your free time and data volume online by monitoring the remaining free hours, minutes or megabytes.

The utility keeps an eye on all incoming calls, saves the information to a plain text file, and lets you trigger sounds or launch programs upon incoming calls. Additionally, you can make the application generate a ringing signal through the speaker when it detects incoming calls.

Connection reports and other handy features

cFos gives you the possibility to build up reports which may include details about connection errors and detailed explanation of network info or other issues.

The program offers support for animated skins in order show connection status and parameters in an animated way, and allows you to automatically sync your computer time with ISDN time, and close the connection after a custom time (in minutes) of inactivity.

Last but not least, it supports CAPI modem emulation in order to call analogue modems and handle incoming analogue calls, transfer data through the ISDN D-channel, and work with ATM-based broadband networks.

Bottom line

All in all, cFos comes with a decent feature pack but you need to possess some network skills in order to tweak the dedicated parameters.

cFos was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on September 10th, 2014
cFos - This is the graphical user interface of the application along with the context menu that appears when right-clicking the main window.cFos - From this window, you can configure cFos. You are allowed to launch the DSL & ISDN settings window.cFos - The DSL/ISDN Driver Setup window, where you have the possibility to enter the area code.cFos - screenshot #4cFos - screenshot #5cFos - screenshot #6cFos - screenshot #7cFos - screenshot #8cFos - screenshot #9cFos - screenshot #10

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