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Add various context-menu entries to This PC, desktop, files, and folders (e.g. ‘Open Command Prompt Here,’ ‘Select All Files,’ ‘Delete Temporary Files’), and remove unnecessary context-menu items

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Easy Context Menu is a lightweight software application whose purpose is to help you add various entries to the context menu of This PC, desktop, as well as files and folders.

Portable running mode

You can keep Easy Context Menu stored on USB flash drives or other portable devices. Gaining access to its features requires only opening the executable file.

Clean feature lineup

The tool impresses with a well-organized suite of features. It reveals a list with all available options in the main panel and organizes them in different categories, namely Desktop, My Computer, Drives, Folder, File, and Exe File.

The best part about working with this program is that it gives you the freedom to quickly select the items that you want to include or exclude in/from the context menu. You may enable all context menu entries for an entire category.

Support for a wide range of context-menu shortcuts

There are a lot of options that you can include in the context menu of your desktop (e.g. ‘Open Command Prompt Here,’ ‘Select All Files,’ ‘Delete Temporary Files,’ ‘Reduce Memory,’ ‘Block Mouse and Keyboard,’ ‘Registry Editor,’ ‘Device Manager,’ ‘Lock User,’ ‘Log Off’), My Computer (e.g. ‘Copy IP,’ ‘Show or Hide Hidden Files and Folders,’ ‘Restart,’ ‘Shut Down’), Drives (e.g. ‘Disk Cleanup,’ ‘Defrag’), Folder (e.g. ‘Take Ownership,’ ‘Block Access,’ ‘Permanently Delete’), File (e.g. ‘Open with Notepad,’ ‘Change Attributes’), and Exe File (e.g. ‘Run with Parameters,’ ‘Add to Firewall’).

Editing features

Advanced users may venture into tweaking several aspects about each context-menu item, such as title, executable file, parameter, and icon. In addition, you are allowed to add new entries and submenus.

Context-menu cleaner

A smart feature embedded in Easy Context Menu helps you remove old items from the context-menu that are no longer useful to you. The tool automatically builds up a list with all of them and lets you select the ones that you want to delete or keep. You can also view information about each entry, such as name and registry key, jump to the selected registry key, and disable items.

Performance assessments

We have tested Easy Context Menu on Windows 8.1 Pro and noticed that it accomplishes the context menu adjustments very quickly and without errors. It is friendly with system resources so the overall performance of the computer is not affected.

An efficient context menu manager

The final verdict is that Easy Context Menu proves to be of great help when it comes to enhancing the functionality of your context menu or getting rid of useless entries. The intuitive layout makes it an ideal candidate for rookies and professionals alike.

Easy Context Menu was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on August 14th, 2015
Easy Context Menu - Easy Context Menu offers you the possibility to select various shortcuts that can be accessed from the right-click menu.Easy Context Menu - From the File menu, you can choose to apply the change or delete all the shortcuts you created.Easy Context Menu - The application allows you to select the position of each shortcut and enable or disable the icon.Easy Context Menu - screenshot #4Easy Context Menu - screenshot #5

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