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Microsoft tool to provide faster XP boot and resume times

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Boot times often get worse as the operating system gets older, especially if for those who like to install any application just to give it a try. Unfortunately, there is no solution to get a faster booting system unless one is willing to resort to some geek-y tricks and do it all by yourself. Removing apps from the startup, cleaning up the system, removing temporary files and many other steps are sometimes a real nuisance.

BootVis on the other hand comes to make all things easier. It is developed by Microsoft, so it can integrate seamlessly into Windows so it should work without a glitch. The bad news is that it works only with Windows XP - after all, it is an old software for an old operating system. The Redmond-based software giant claims all its newer operating systems are supposed to boot faster, so a tool like BootVis would be useless.

Since it is designed to be simple, BootVis has quite a clean interface, adopting the popular Microsoft style. Classy look, with functions displayed right within the main window and providing you the required information within a single click.

In order to make sure that the optimizations it applies are efficient, it is necessary for the users to let BootVis reboot the PC several times, thus enabling it to gather all the required data. Once this step is completed, the app displays detailed graphs about the Boot Activity, CPU Usage, Disk Usage, Disk Input/Output and Process Creation.

BootVis can significantly increase boot speeds every time it is used, event though some users may encounter issues when using BootVis, especially when trying to optimize the system for faster boot time.

To sum it up, this app surely needs to be taken for a spin by those who still use Windows XP and wait a long time around the PC for it to boot.

BootVis was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on January 30th, 2012
BootVis - Within the main window of the software you can view information regarding the boot activity, CPU usage and more.BootVis - Next Boot Trace or Next Standby & Resume Trace are some of the options availabe in the File menu.BootVis - From the Format view the user will be able to Show or Hide the Y and X Axis Grid.BootVis - In the Tools menu users will have the possibility of showing event lines on all graphs.BootVis - From the Trace menu the user will have the ability to optimize the system.BootVis - The Driver Delay time (in msec) and the Symbol Path can be inserted in this window.

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