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A small tool that will change the close button to the left side of the window.

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LeftSider provides you with a fast way of getting all the title bar buttons (Minimize, Maximize and Close) from the upper right side to the opposite side - the upper left part of the window. While many Windows users may find this disturbing (and believe me, it is), Mac fans surely see this change as a relief, because they are accustomed to this particular layout.

If you are an Apple avid user or just want to try something new regarding the position of the window controls, then LeftSider just may do it for you. There are not any complex operations for this one. You just have to start the application and every single window will have its buttons placed right where you want them to be.

This makes it even simpler for you to add LeftSider to your system’s startup sequence just to make sure you have the buttons in the left side right from the get-go. In case you are wondering what should you do if you decide you want them back in their original position, you can go on and close the program from its available systray menu.

Sure, LeftSider can be taken seriously and used for facilitating the transition between Mac OS and Windows, but it can only play the major role in a monumental prank. This piece of software has its drawbacks too, though and the best example is the way it doesn’t seem to cope with left side menu buttons like the one of Mozilla Firefox. Turning LeftSider on and working within this browser can surely mess with you to the point where you, eventually, turn it off and send it down the drain just for that reason.

All in all, LeftSider can help you quickly and easily achieve the task of moving the window control buttons to the left side and that has a bunch of advantages for Mac OS fans that periodically need to work into the Windows environment. Otherwise, it can be used for jokes rather than experiments.

LeftSider was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on June 13th, 2013
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