Mz 7 Optimizer

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MS Windows 7 system optimization suite

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Mz 7 Optimizer is a program that can boost the performance level of your computer, by letting you make some tweaks.

Upon initialization, Mz 7 Optimizer offers to backup your registry before making any modifications. This is highly recommended, in case Windows starts acting weird afterward.

The interface of the tool is clean and intuitive. You can make tweaks regarding performance, Windows, Internet, customization and security.

So, you can enable system cache optimization, force Windows to re-detect the processor's features on the next startup and disable compression on NTFS volumes.

But you can also set the Master File Table size, enable file system cache memory optimizations, increase additional worker threads for the running processes, as well as enable Prefetcher and SuperPrefetcher.

Furthermore, you can turn off the program compatibility assistant, launch folder windows in a separate process, disable boot defragmentation, turn off the Windows startup sound, as well as set the primary command for the power button and set Windows to automatically close non-responding applications.

In addition, you can set the waiting time when a program hangs, optimize the host resolution priority, enable page transitions and automatic updates in Internet Explorer, speed up Firefox, disable taskbar balloon tips and Aero Glass transparency, add a "Take Ownership" option in the context menu, disable Control Panel, Command Prompt, Task Manager, and others.

On top of that, you can use various useful tools - manage applications which automatically run at system startup, schedule computer shutdowns, clean junk files, access the "Ultimate" Control Panel, and many more.

The program takes up moderate system resources, includes a well-written help file with snapshots and has a very good response time. We haven't encountered any major issues with Mz 7 Optimizer and highly recommend it to all users.

Mz 7 Optimizer was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on April 11th, 2012
Mz 7 Optimizer - From the main window of Mz 7 Optimizer you can navigate on the Performance Tweaks sectionMz 7 Optimizer - From the Hard Disk Tweaks tab, you can disable NTFS 'Last Access Update Stamp' or increase NTFS memory usageMz 7 Optimizer - By accessing the Memory Tweaks tab, you can unlock unused DLL files from memory when not in useMz 7 Optimizer - screenshot #4Mz 7 Optimizer - screenshot #5Mz 7 Optimizer - screenshot #6Mz 7 Optimizer - screenshot #7Mz 7 Optimizer - screenshot #8Mz 7 Optimizer - screenshot #9Mz 7 Optimizer - screenshot #10Mz 7 Optimizer - screenshot #11Mz 7 Optimizer - screenshot #12

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