LiveTuner (formerly Optimizer XP)

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A powerful application whose main purpose is to optimize and speedup your computer without requiring advanced computer knowledge

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Keeping the computer in top-notch shape and getting the most performance out of it are tasks many users choose to carry out on their systems. If you are one of them, pay really close attention to the changes some applications will execute in order to make your PC run faster because they might affect sensitive areas of the OS, requiring professional assistance to repair damages.

Modify your system for best performance

A powerful tool that aims to tweak your operating environment in such a way that it will yield the best performance is LiveTuner. However, please note that creating a system backup prior to making any modifications is very much advised. This will provide you with a safety net in case you damage in some way the integrity of your system.

Windows tune-up operations are quite easy to do, especially via registry tweaking, but this application works in a different manner. LiveTuner reads the current configuration of your computer and allows you to choose the desired set of optimizations after a quick analysis.

Quick setup and configuration for various optimizations

First off, you can select the type of hardware unit you want to modify for increased performance and there are 3 categories you can choose from. More precisely, you can opt for laptop/tablets, desktop or server devices.

The following step consists of picking the type of application optimizations and here you have more choices at your disposal. Thus, it is possible to use the office/Internet package, the full workstation or Enterprise server sets and there is one more option, which is dedicated to online gaming.

There is a small number of startup optimizations that can be activated as well and once this is settled, you can move forward and begin the analysis, then allow for the improvements to be set into place.

Easy to use optimization tool for all users

To make the changes come into effect, the system needs a restart and you will be prompted for this action. However, you can postpone this operation in case you need to save some opened documents or other data.

LiveTuner is very easy to use, it requires minimal interaction from the user and its uninstallation mechanism will prove quite useful for restoring the original system settings. In our case no harm was done, but it's best to follow the 'backup first' policy just to be on the safe side.

LiveTuner (formerly Optimizer XP) was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on November 23rd, 2014
LiveTuner (formerly Optimizer XP) - LiveTuner allows users to make the necessary configurations right before deploying the product to optimize their systems.

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