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A PC tune up tool designed to improve your computer's health

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With an increased number of applications these days which modify registry entries, the computer's health is affected. To fix all the problems and boost system performance you have to use a program that can scan and fix all the issues.

PC HealthPack can fix broken shortcuts, resolve registry problems, manage disk space and handle disk fragmentation with a simple mouse click.

Multi-tab interface

The app has a simple design with main functions displayed in the "System Status" and secondary maintenance tasks for performance, health or resources in the other tabs. The first step in using the tool is to start a complete scan for all the software components. The utility will display the errors found and organize them in categories along with the status for each item.

Increase system performance

PC HealthPack can help you increase the overall performance by defragmenting the disk and registry. The built-in "Startup Program Manager" displays all the utilities which run at startup and offers you the possibility to enable or disable them.

Keep your PC clean

System health is easily maintained with the help of the registry clean, broken shortcut removal and disk check for file system errors. Resources can be freed up or used by cleaning unnecessary temporary files, or taking care of system restore points, this way freeing up disk space. After the system was cleaned, you can make a backup for later or restore to a previously made backup if you think the system was more stable then. Moreover, the tool includes an "Ignored Items" section where you can add registry items which will be ignored by the scanner.


Overall, PC HealthPack is a simple software application handy for users who like to keep their PCs clean and reliable for longer periods of time. The user-friendly interface can be easily managed by beginners and system impact is minimal.

PC HealthPack was reviewed by Ionut Constantinescu
Last updated on April 23rd, 2014
PC HealthPack - This is the main window of PC HealthPack, where you will be able to view the health status of your computer.PC HealthPack - PC HealthPack will scan your system for problems and will enable you to optimize your configuration.PC HealthPack - PC HealthPack features a wide range of utilities designed to enable you to speed up your systems.PC HealthPackPC HealthPackPC HealthPackPC HealthPackPC HealthPackPC HealthPackPC HealthPackPC HealthPackPC HealthPackPC HealthPackPC HealthPack

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