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A user-friendly application that is designed to apply multiple system or visual tweaks in order to enhance your operating system's functions

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SystemTweaker is a very easy to use software solution designed to help you customize the Windows operating system by modifying a number of visual and technical features.

Although similar apps are usually a lot more complex and boast tens of options, SystemTweaker is a bit simpler and attempts to attract both beginners and more experienced users with a very friendly approach.

The well-organized interface relies on a tabbed layout, with four major sides: “Overview”, “Tweaks”, “System Information” and “Settings”.

As you can see, every single tab has a fairly self-explanatory name, but the most important one is undoubtedly “Tweaks”.

There are dedicated options concerning the Windows Start Menu, the Control Panel, network, media, Windows startup and shutdown, the right-click menu, administrative settings and other advanced Windows options.

This way, you can enable the Run command and the Recent Documents in Start Menu, disable remote administration access to floppy drives, show network error statistics, preserve program preference during print jobs, hide all desktop icons, show tooltip for Minimize, Maximize and Close buttons and use Explorer when opening My Computer.

SystemTweaker uses the “Overview” tab to let you easily create a restore point and thus stay on the safe side, while the “System Information” screen provides general computer details, system devices info and network data.

Just as expected, SystemTweaker works flawlessly on most Windows iterations, including Windows 7, but administrator privileges are needed to make modifications to this particular operating system.

Overall, SystemTweaker is a handy software solution that provides access to a number of hidden Windows features, allowing beginners and more experienced users alike to tweak the operating system fast and easy.

SystemTweaker was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on January 5th, 2015
SystemTweaker - In the main window you can view information about your operating system, processor and you can create a restore point.SystemTweaker - SystemTweaker allows you to turn off the taskbar notifications and disable the user access control.SystemTweaker - The Application can be accessed to enable or disable the 'Open with' function.SystemTweaker - You can hide or show the Administrative Tools, Internet Options and Keyboard sections.SystemTweaker - The Visual tweaks allows you to fade out menu items or add shadows to them.SystemTweaker - screenshot #6SystemTweaker - screenshot #7SystemTweaker - screenshot #8SystemTweaker - screenshot #9

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