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When you want to personalize the appearance of your Windows computer, you simply need to perform a simple Web search to find compatible themes. Installing them is a different matter altogether, especially if you like to have full control over the files that get on your PC and you want to be able to choose them manually. However, using Windows Theme Installer might take some of the hassle away.

This user-friendly tool offers you the appropriate solution for installing Windows Vista and 7 themes by specifying each element you want to modify.

In other words, you get to install not only the *.theme files, but also the Vista Welcome Center, the modified Windows Explorer or the Shell32 files. It needs to be mentioned that not all existing themes have all these files, so you only need to select the ones you want to change.

Alternatively, you can deliberately choose not to install any files other than the actual *.theme one. This file typically contains the revamped color scheme you are probably after.

When dealing with Windows 7 themes, you can find the *.theme file after extracting the contents of the *.themepack file (you do not need to use a specialized tool, a standard archive extractor should be able to complete the task). You also need to rename the *.msstyles folder to match the theme you want to install (usually located in C:\Windows\Resources\Themes).

If you are running Windows Vista, you can rely on Windows Theme Installer to personalize more than just the color scheme of your OS. As mentioned before, you can also tweak the appearance of the Welcome Center window, the place where you can get familiarized with the functions provided by your operating system.

If you are not satisfied with the look of your PC after you install themes, the software also allows you to restore the default system files or to remove only the theme in question.

Windows Theme Installer was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on June 21st, 2012
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