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Use this tool if you wish to uninstall BullGuard




Should you for some reason wish to uninstall BullGuard, here are detailed instructions on how to do his. You have two distinct ways to uninstall - just choose one:
- The easiest way to uninstall BullGuard is to use the uninstall procedure it comes with. Go to the Start menu and locate your BullGuard folder in the All Programs section. Choose the Uninstall option.
- Alternatively, use the standard Windows Add/Remove Programs feature from Control Panel. Go to the Windows Start menu (bottom-left corner) and locate the Control Panel. The look and position of this may vary, depending on your Windows version. Then choose Add/Remove Programs.

Another method is to use the Uninstall tool.
Last updated on May 28th, 2010
BullGuard UninstallBullGuard UninstallBullGuard Uninstall

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