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A fast and reliable uninstaller that helps you delete registry entries, work with different uninstallation methods, disable or enable startup items, and clean your browser history

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Revo Uninstaller is a solution that outgrows the ‘Add or Remove’ feature of Windows’ control panel. It uninstalls programs, but also cleans additional leftovers from the computer’s registry.

Removing the software that you no longer need is crucial, since the footprint they leave on your system may affect its performance in a negative way. The standard uninstallation process erases the program, but leaves behind some traces that clutter the registry, resulting in computer errors and slowdowns.

Advanced cleanup operations

Revo Uninstaller achieves a total cleanup operation of all the software remnants.

The steps it performs are the following: detects all the applications installed on your system, allowing you to choose the one to be remove. Plus, it offers users three uninstallation methods: Safe (very fast), Moderate (searches in the most common places for leftovers) and Advanced (the scan is thorough but takes longer).

As soon as the scan process is over, the software displays a list of all the detected remnants and allows you to choose which ones should be deleted. Please note that sometimes a reboot is required for all the files to be removed.

Manage apps that run at startup and clean history

In addition to its basic purpose, Revo Uninstaller features extra tools that mostly serve for tweaking your system. The Autorun Manager allows you to manage the items that load at system boot, while the Tracks Cleaner is a safe way to clean the history from your browser or from your Office suite.

Easy-to-trigger actions

Hunter mode enables the whole application to minimize to taskbar, while a sign that resembles "target practice" appears. Drag and drop it to any open window, and you are provided with options to uninstall the respective program, stop auto start, kill or delete the process.

A reliable uninstaller

In conclusion, Revo Uninstaller is what you need in order to get rid of leftovers that would take a great deal of time to clean manually. For advanced features, take a look at Revo Uninstaller Pro.

Revo Uninstaller was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on July 21st, 2014
Revo Uninstaller - Revo Uninstaller will provide users with an innovative uninstall utility with many additional cleaning tools includedRevo Uninstaller - The View menu will allow users to quickly and easily change the way their installed programs are displayedRevo Uninstaller - screenshot #3Revo Uninstaller - screenshot #4Revo Uninstaller - screenshot #5Revo Uninstaller - screenshot #6Revo Uninstaller - screenshot #7Revo Uninstaller - screenshot #8Revo Uninstaller - screenshot #9Revo Uninstaller - screenshot #10Revo Uninstaller - screenshot #11Revo Uninstaller - screenshot #12Revo Uninstaller - screenshot #13Revo Uninstaller - Users will be able to access options related to Optimization or Tracks Cleaner within the Tools section of the application

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