Your Uninstaller! PRO 7.5.2013.2

User-friendly and efficient program that helps you uninstall programs, delete registry entries, create system restore points, as well as shred files and manage startup utilities

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What's new in Your Uninstaller! PRO 7.5.2013.1:

  • Time limited FREE! Only 3 days!
  • Support the latest version of Installers.
  • Optimized for disk scanning speed.
  • Improved stability.
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Your Uninstaller! PRO - Within the main window of the application you can view all installed application from your PC.Your Uninstaller! PRO - From this context menu users will have the possibility of uninstalling specific programs.Your Uninstaller! PRO - Backup or Restore Uninstall Info are two of the options available from the File menu.Your Uninstaller! PROYour Uninstaller! PROYour Uninstaller! PROYour Uninstaller! PROYour Uninstaller! PROYour Uninstaller! PROYour Uninstaller! PROYour Uninstaller! PROYour Uninstaller! PROYour Uninstaller! PROYour Uninstaller! PROYour Uninstaller! PROYour Uninstaller! PROYour Uninstaller! PRO
A good uninstaller can make a difference in your computer’s performance by cleaning all the entries of the software in question.

Applications that are not properly uninstalled can leave behind traces that clutter the registry, thus severely slowing down your system and before you know it, you need a Windows reinstallation.

To postpone this last resort solution as much as possible, you need to get your hands on a decent uninstaller, such as Your Uninstaller! PRO.

Scanning operations and automatic registry entry detection

This software makes it look like the application you uninstalled via its algorithms never even existed on your system. It achieves this by performing an in-depth scan of the system and by detecting all entries belonging to the uninstalled software, thus leaving your computer registry free of unnecessary or corrupt items.

Straightforward layout

The elegant and intuitive interface displays all the installed programs in a list from and you can individually select and remove the programs.

Uninstall programs using different modes

Even with a simple task as uninstalling, Your Uninstaller! PRO offers several options. One of them is "Advanced Uninstall." If the application encounters any problems in trying to remove the respective software, it will notify you with the exact issue, so that you can fix it. With "Quick Uninstall," the tool will automatically remove the specific software, along with adjacent registry entries.

If you select the plain "Uninstall," you will be prompted by a window with four uninstall modes: built-in (the standard uninstall process), safe (includes built-in mode and it's the quickest way to uninstall while scanning registry files on a simple level), normal (includes safe mode, plus an extended registry scanning, and it's slower than the safe mode), and super mode (includes normal mode, plus a complete scan on traces left in Windows; the slowest but the most efficient mode).

Startup manager, disk cleaner, file shredder and other features

Besides its basic functions, Your Uninstaller! PRO also packs a Startup Manager (allows users to control the items that load at Windows boot), a Disk Cleaner (which is very fast, effective, and alerts you whenever a file can't be removed because it's currently in use), a Start Menu utility (offers the possibility to fix shortcuts and rearrange them), a web browser Trace Eraser (works for Internet Explorer only) and a File Shredder (securely and permanently deletes files).

Automatic restore point creation

An awesome feature of Your Uninstaller! PRO is that it automatically creates a restore point before attempting to uninstall an application, just in case anything goes wrong. If it does, then you can later select Windows' System Restore and reverse changes.

An overall reliable and efficient uninstaller

All things considered, Your Uninstaller! PRO performs nicely and leaves you with a perfectly clean system, as if nothing was ever installed on it.

Your Uninstaller! PRO was reviewed by , last updated on July 21st, 2014

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