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Powerful yet easy-to-use uninstaller that works with system images and creates a snapshot of the drive before the installation and another one after it is complete

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At first glance, removing installed applications is an effortless task, but, if you're only relying on the Windows built-in function or the program's own uninstaller, you're in for a surprise because most utilities and games you install will create more than a simple folder in 'Program Files.'

The more software you add and improperly remove, the registry and other areas of your system can become clogged with unnecessary remnants.

A specialized tool is necessary if you want to obliterate any trace of the software you no longer need. Such an application is ZSoft Uninstaller, a powerful removal utility. It will install in a jiffy so you can get to work in a matter of seconds.

Simple looks

Right off the bat you'll surely notice the simple and easy-to-use interface that has all the functions at hand for quick access.

The installed programs are listed in alphabetical order and right-clicking on any entry will bring up the options for viewing detailed information and uninstalling it. The applications can also be hidden from the current view or simply deleted from it.

Working with system images

The great thing about ZSoft Uninstaller is that it uses system images. What it actually does is create a snapshot of the drive before the installation and another one after it is complete. Removing the app consists of comparing the two images and erasing or undoing any changes that occurred in-between. Please note that this tool wipes out all the modifications, so do not forget to make the image as soon as the installation of the new software completes.

Making snapshots

Making these snapshots involves the use of the 'Analyze' function. Clicking the dedicated button opens a wizard that will guide you through the whole process. As soon as the image is created, you can find it in the 'Analyzed Programs' tab and it will be used when you wish to get rid of that particular program.

Temporary file remover

An extra tool (and a very useful one) ZSoft Uninstaller comes with is a temp file remover. This function will help you select and scan any drive to discover temporary and obsolete data. You can exclude the Internet Explorer and Firefox caches from the search. As soon as the scan is complete, simply select and right-click the items to delete or back up.

An overall efficient application

Pretty easy-to-use and with a handy addition, namely the temporary file eraser, ZSoft Uninstaller is surely a keeper because it will help keep a computer clean by completely removing all remnants of any software you install.

ZSoft Uninstaller was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on July 23rd, 2014
ZSoft Uninstaller - ZSoft Uninstaller will provide users with better and easier way to uninstall programs on your computerZSoft Uninstaller - The Analyze Installation window will allow users to track the changes made by a application to the file system and registryZSoft Uninstaller - Users will be able to create an image of the drive that a program is going to be installed to in the second stepZSoft Uninstaller - screenshot #4ZSoft Uninstaller - screenshot #5ZSoft Uninstaller - screenshot #6ZSoft Uninstaller - screenshot #7ZSoft Uninstaller - screenshot #8

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