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An intuitive software solution that enables both beginners and experts to fully take over your video card's settings to maximize power

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ATI Tray Tools is the RivaTuner of the ATI / AMD graphic adapters. It's one of the best (if not the best) tweaking solutions for Radeon owners. This doesn't mean it's only overclocker oriented and it can be used by beginners too. It only requires that you install the video card's drivers and doesn't need the Catalyst Control Center in order to properly work.

Clever integration in the context menu

In fact, you can successfully use ATI Tray Tools instead of CCC as it's much more lighter and powerful. Once installed, the application sits in the tray and provides a consistent right-click menu. Alongside the innovative 'Game Profiles', you can easily access the 3D, Hardware, Tweaks, Hot Keys, Plugins, Refresh Lock, Rotation or Video & Colors.

Thorough 3D profile settings

For every distinct game profile, you can select its specific 3D settings such as Anti Aliasing, Filter, Adaptive anti-aliasing, Anisotropic Filtering, Texture Preference, MipMap Detail Level or Wait for Vertical Sync. You can also perform tweaks related to various supported filtering optimizations or texture format, enable 'Temporal AA' or set the 'Texture LOD Adjustment'.

Manual or automatic fan speed adjustment

The Overclocking zone of the program displays the nominal as well as current GPU and memory values and allows you to alter the voltage and core / memory speed. For artifact testing purposes, you are given the chance to run a 3D renderer or a benchmark. The Fan tab section offers two control options for manual speed and automatic depending on temperature, while the 'Automatic Fan Control Table' makes setting the fan speed according to the temperature a breeze.

Various shader optimization settings

You can also tweak shaders to override pixel / vertex shader versions and optimize pixel shader code, opt to use geometry instancing or force mip-map filter. The Hyper Z compression mode is configurable by enabling the Fast Z Clear, Z Mask or Z Top. If you're looking for disabling the DMA Copy or Block Write and use WMV Acceleration, then the System tab section of the Standard Tweaks window is the right place for you.

Gain in-depth details regarding your card's performance

For those of you that just can't keep themselves from going beyond the ordinary tweaking limits, the Advanced Registry Tweaks window accommodates a vast array of options like Advanced D3D / OGL Tweaks, CCC Mode Switch, Compatibility / Display / Video Tweaks, Multi Thread Support or New AA and AF Methods. The application also packs a fully customizable On Screen Display for important values such as GPU / Memory Clocks, Frames Per Second or FAN Duty Cycle.

In conclusion

Bottomline is that ATI Tray Tools is indeed a very helpful set of tools that can get the utmost of your Radeon video card and truly enhance the overall experience in applications that put it to work, whether the load is light or heavy. You are presented a nifty environment where you can put your tweaking skills to test and come up with ingenious game profiles and overall increased performance.

ATI Tray Tools was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on August 4th, 2014
ATI Tray Tools - ATI Tray Tools will provide users with support for ATI Control Center and overclocking capabilitiesATI Tray Tools - The Manage Game Profiles window will offer a list of options like General, Hardware, Additional or Direct3D TweaksATI Tray Tools - Users will be able to access options such as SmoothVision HD, Performance or Profiles from the 3D Settings windowATI Tray Tools - screenshot #4ATI Tray Tools - screenshot #5ATI Tray Tools - screenshot #6ATI Tray Tools - screenshot #7ATI Tray Tools - screenshot #8ATI Tray Tools - screenshot #9ATI Tray Tools - screenshot #10ATI Tray Tools - screenshot #11ATI Tray Tools - screenshot #12ATI Tray Tools - screenshot #13ATI Tray Tools - screenshot #14ATI Tray Tools - screenshot #15ATI Tray Tools - screenshot #16

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