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Easily overclock your video card, and have smoother video and better frame rates by unlocking a hidden Nvidia feature in the control panel

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Overclocking computer components is what both enthusiasts and professionals love to do. The difference between these two categories of overclockers is the purpose of their actions. The enthusiasts overclock their components to take the edge off in the battle for supremacy with their fellow overclockers, while professionals' objective is testing.

High level of knowledge required

Whether you want to overclock your CPU, video card, RAM or motherboard chipset, you should be aware of the consequences. The process stresses the particular component by modifying its clock rate and this translates into higher temperatures by increasing the power consumption. This may eventually cause that particular equipment to start operating faulty and, finally, break down.

Dedicated tools often required

Provided a sturdy and well-thought cooling system, you can go on and up the clocks of your computer hardware. By default, manufacturers do not always support this distinct operation and thus, their tools that come to aid you in the process of component management do not allow overclocking. Tweaks to these specific set of utilities enable this feature and let you take control over clock speeds.

Gain access to hidden features

GeForce Overclocking - CoolBits Reg is just that type of tweak. It modifies the registry keys of your NVIDIA Control Panel application and turns on the hidden 'Clock Frequencies' tab, providing access to overclocking capabilities. You can easily set both core and memory speeds individually, squeezing more GPU power out of your video adapter.

Keep temperature at a safe rate

Accomplishing stable overclocking requires you keep an eye on temperatures. This can be achieved through specialized software such as Aida64, SpeedFan, Core Temp, Real Temp or HWMonitor. Most of the times, though, the on-paper increase of performance is barely visible in real-life situations. Video card manufacturers generally set their products' clocks as high as possible while retaining power consumption and heat dissipation to safe levels.

A few last words

Bottom line, GeForce Overclocking - CoolBits Reg only unlocks a feature that has been put there and then covered for the sake of your investment. Unlocking it is easily done using this reg file from CoolBits; however the choice to experiment is all yours. You may end up with a small increase in video performance or a non-usable computer piece of hardware.

GeForce Overclocking - CoolBits Reg was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on August 4th, 2014

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