nVIDIA Videocard Tweaker (nVHardPage)3.6 Beta 1

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An easy way to enable / disable overclocking options or vsync options for nVidia graphics cards, as well as to tweak Direct3D and OpenGL settings

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nVIDIA Videocard Tweaker (nVHardPage) was designed to unveil hidden features inside the nVidia control panel, as well as to customize various Direct3D / OpenGL settings and to conduct overclock operations.

Gain access to hidden tweaking features

In order to accomplish this array of tasks, nVHardPage bundles a collection of utilities that assist you in tweaking your nVidia graphics card to work at its best. First and foremost, the product unlocks some of the features that are normally invisible in the nVidia Control Panel.

Handle OpenGL and Direct3D registries

Amongst the options that can be unveiled is CoolBits, which will allow for overclocking operations that can be conducted directly from the aforementioned Control Panel. You can also enable direct3D refresh rate page, as well as overlay control in Span mode.

The built-in registry editor provides direct access to OpenGL / Direct3D registry keys, allowing you to modify them on spot. Moreover, individual set of options are offered for both OpenGL and Direct3D, in separate menus, inside the application’s main window.

Run the latest video games

As such, you can manually set parameters for Anti-Aliasing, Texture Filtering, Multitexturing and Shader Settings (the last two are available only for DirectX). For OpenGL, there’s a special utility that allows you to tweak compatibility settings, namely to set it to emulate a certain nVidia family or to override the OpenGL version.

A special utility is the Performance Wizard that provides optimized settings for games such as Doom3, MB World Racing, CMR05 and F.E.A.R.

Test and clean out the video driver

For those who want to assess the performance of the graphics card, there’s a program called info.exe which can be found inside the archive; it will help you perform a Direct3D test on spot with conclusive results.

Also bundled with the main program is a driver cleaner utility, which serves to remove leftovers from previously uninstalled drivers.

In conclusion

On an ending note, nVIDIA Videocard Tweaker (nVHardPage) offers a rich array of options for customizing the settings of your nVidia graphics card. However, the changes it can make are heavy and should be performed with great care, since bad calls may result in severe performance issues.

nVIDIA Videocard Tweaker (nVHardPage) was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on August 5th, 2014
nVIDIA Videocard Tweaker (nVHardPage) - The nVIDIA menu provides you with different actions that you can perform and settings to customize.nVIDIA Videocard Tweaker (nVHardPage) - The DirectX menu gives you access to some DirectX-related features, like Anti-aliasing, Texture filtering or Shader Settings.nVIDIA Videocard Tweaker (nVHardPage) - The System monitoring window shows statistics about your CPU usage and the free physical memory.nVIDIA Videocard Tweaker (nVHardPage) - In the Processes information window, you can see a list with all your running processes and their name, ID, parent process, number of threads and priority.nVIDIA Videocard Tweaker (nVHardPage) - The Performance Wizard lets you adjust the performance / quality level of your system.

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