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A practical and reliable NAS server that enables you to share your files everywhere, stream your media and keep your data safe effortlessly

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FreeNAS is a practical and comprehensive NAS server that supports CIFS, FTP and NFS protocols and enables users to build network-attached-storage on any hardware platform of their choosing.

Before actually installing the server, it is important to know that the FreeNAS OS must be installed on a separate device from the drive that will hold all your storage data. Otherwise you will be able to use its graphical interface but won’t be able to store any data, which is the whole point of a NAS system.

The feature that makes FreeNAS to stand out is the ‘Encryption’ option, being the only open source project that provides you with the possibility of using encryption settings on ZFS volumes. Thanks to these ZFS file systems, screenshots can be made and saved at any time so you can easily access files as they were when the snapshot was made.

Another important feature that FreeNAS comes with is the file sharing support. Although most operating systems including Windows can connect using SMB shares with small configurations needed on the client side, FreeNAS also provides support for Time Machine backups.

Even though the installation process is quite difficult and an average user might get stuck because of the advanced configurations that need to be made, FreeNAS comes with a practical and intuitive interface and provides you with useful options and well-organized menus.

Since it enables you to securely manage and monitor your data, FreeNAS leaves you feeling secure in the knowledge that you can operate your web interface. Also, it enables you to remove all the tedious work you are supposed to do each time you want to manage your storage, upload your personal documents or share your uploads. Still, you can also benefit from the power of the command line.

Out of the box, the previously mentioned application provides you with a lot of useful and stunning features including snapshots, replication, monitoring or remote syslog, not to mention that with its simple management interface, FreeNAS is a perfect solution for a business which is looking to build a custom storage solution.

Whether you need to stream music and movies, backup your entire system or simply synchronize file through the web, FreeNAS comes with the right tools and options in order to help you build a file storage appliance for your home or business.

FreeNAS was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru
Last updated on October 1st, 2014
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