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An application that can compile the high-level, object-oriented Scriptol programming language and generate standalone PHP scripts or dynamic web pages

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Scriptol Php Compiler bundles a set of tools that can prove useful for programmers who are working with the Scriptol programming language. The integrated compiler can generate PHP code out of Scriptol code and output binary executables, ready for deployment.

Command-line Scriptol compiler

Aside from the compiler, the package includes a code editor that enables you to work with your Scriptol code, as well as conclusive examples and documentation to offer instructions to all users.

The compiler runs in the command console and uses your source code file (SOL file) as argument. It can process a webpage to generate the HTML code and features verbose options. In order to view how the compiler works, you can use one of the available examples.

A powerful editor and interpreter for Scriptol and other languages

As mentioned above, the integrated editor is the tool you need in order to view your code files and make modifications, if needed. Relying on the power of SciTE, the editor does not only support Scriptol files, also providing compatibility with other programming languages and standards, such as C / C++, C#, CSS, Java, JavaSCript, PHP, PLSQL, SQL and XML.

It comes with the standard set of features you would expect from such an application, namely syntax highlighting, line numbering, comment insertion, white space management, paragraph manipulation options and basic editing functions.

Thanks to the word completion capabilities, indentation and brace matching options, working with the application is much easier. The built-in bookmark manager together with the advanced search options allow quick navigation throughout the code.

The editor enables you to compile the input code, generating a binary executable file or a PHP document. The code can be parsed, translated and tested thanks to the integrated interpreter.

A compiler, an editor and an interpreter

Scriptol Php Compiler brings you a Scriptol compiler, a code editor and an interpreter within a single application, which makes it a valuable tool for any Scriptol programmer.

Scriptol Php Compiler was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on April 10th, 2015
Scriptol Php Compiler - You can open HTML, C, C++ and PHP documents into the main window of the application.Scriptol Php Compiler - The File enables you to save the current session and change the encoding between UTF-8 and UCS-2.Scriptol Php Compiler - You can transform a text selection to uppercase or insert an abbreviation by accessing the Edit menu.Scriptol Php Compiler - screenshot #4Scriptol Php Compiler - screenshot #5Scriptol Php Compiler - screenshot #6Scriptol Php Compiler - screenshot #7Scriptol Php Compiler - screenshot #8

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