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An interactive gadget that can fetch calendars from Windows Live, Google, Yahoo and Outlook and to display weather or upcoming events

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Windows Live Calendar Gadget is a lightweight widget whose main purpose is to display calendars from various sources on your desktop.

Despite the fact that it was primarily designed to handle Windows Live calendars, the gadget is also compatible with Google, Yahoo and Outlook items.

It can be run on Windows Vista, 7 and 8, with the observation that on the latter, you need to install a third-party application that can implement gadget support.

Simply double-click the widget and give it permission to install, following which you can enjoy its benefits to the fullest. First and foremost, you are required to provide the web address of the calendar or to load an offline one, in HTML format.

As soon as the data is successfully imported, the gadget will display a calendar view alongside the information belonging to the current day (be it tasks, weather or other type of data).

Clicking on a record will open another window, where you will be provided with full details concerning the information that is attributed to a specific day.

On the downside, you cannot jump to another day using the top calendar view; instead, you can manually reach to a certain date using the up and down arrows located at the bottom of the main window.

As far as Options are concerned, you can customize the update check interval, the number of displayed events and the number of days in the event list, as well as to change the skin of the application. Additionally, you can enable the built-in reminder to alert you about upcoming events and set it to use a custom sound alarm.

Overall, Windows Live Calendar Gadget seems like a good initiative, but it still needs improvements, especially concerning the calendar view. We’re hoping to see a more flexible release quite soon.

Windows Live Calendar Gadget was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on December 20th, 2013
Windows Live Calendar Gadget - Windows Live Calendar Gadget is a desktop widget designed to enable you to set reminder for certain dates or to view the weather for your location.Windows Live Calendar Gadget - You can configure the Options of Windows Live Calendar Gadget using this window.Windows Live Calendar Gadget - screenshot #3

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