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View your Processor usage RAM usage and Processor Temperatures.

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All CPU Meter is an advanced gadget that monitors the CPU and RAM usage, providing detailed graphs and statistics directly on your desktop.

Although it's just a gadget and not a dedicated application, All CPU Meter impresses thanks to the rich feature list. Boasting an appealing interface that seems to fit any desktop out there, All CPU Meter shows the used, free and total memory available, but also usage of every single CPU core. Additionally, the main window displays a colored graph for you to keep an eye on the way these pieces of hardware perform.

Another important thing about All CPU Meter is the “Options” screen that provides a wide array of configuration settings, especially when taking into account that we're dealing with a simple gadget.

There are numerous display options, so you can configure the size and decide whether you wish to view processor name or clock frequency, memory usage number, bar and percentage.

Plus, you can adjust the graph by choosing the drawing style and select the action to perform when double clicking on the background. By default, a double-click opens the Windows Task Manager, but you can also set up the app to launch Resource Monitor or simply turn the feature off completely.

Of course, you can also configure the refresh rate via the “Options” tab, but also enable core temperatures. Last but not least, if the standard interface doesn't suit your taste, the dedicated “Color” tab allows you to change the colors for every single section of the gadget, including title, clock and processor.

All in all, All CPU Meter is quite a handy gadget and although it works only on Windows 7 and Vista, it does such a good job at keeping an eye on your CPU.

All CPU Meter was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on June 10th, 2013
All CPU Meter - All CPU Meter will help you quickly and easily view your Processor usage RAM usage and Processor TemperaturesAll CPU Meter - The Settings section will provide users with a list of options like Display Size, Show Clock Frequency or GraphAll CPU Meter - Users will be able to access options such as Refresh rate, Show CPU temperatures or Alert CPU TemperatureAll CPU Meter - screenshot #4

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