Clipboard Manager Gadget

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A practical, effective and straightforward gadget whose main purpose is to help users manage and store multiple clipboard contents

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Clipboard Manager Gadget is a simple, useful and reliable utility that seamlessly integrates within your desktop and helps you to manage and organize multiple clipboard contents.

Sometimes, when working on projects or with important data, you might need to reuse some texts and you keep wasting time by re-typing, re-copying and re-creating the same contents again, while you could simply use the data you already had in your clipboard seconds ago.

Because you used the well-known CTRL-C key combination when you had to copy a link or text, you lost that specific phrase which helped you a lot in your project.

The main purpose of Clipboard Manager Gadget is to save time when re-using specific texts and to extend your clipboard experience. All the content is monitored as usual. Simply copy various texts and the tool will store and monitor all your content. Once you realize that you need the content you used a minute ago, you can go to the corresponding line in the main window of the gadget and choose the text you want.

Moreover, because of the huge information you might need when working at your computer, the gadget provides you with an interesting feature that makes it a more than suitable clipboard manager.

As such, when memorizing various texts, you have the possibility to store them to clipboard or simply add them to a ‘Favorites’ folder. This way, you will bookmark whatever entry you want as favorite and use it again by clicking the appropriate line.

Also, Clipboard Manager Gadget enables you to create custom timestamp patterns, change clipboard history capacity and font size, as well as to build you own original background.

All things considered, Clipboard Manager Gadget comes in handy when you need to manage and organize multiple clipboard contents without using any advanced configurations.

Clipboard Manager Gadget was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru
Last updated on December 12th, 2014
Clipboard Manager Gadget - Clipboard Manager Gadget will help you quickly and easily extend Windows Clipboard with a new dimension - timeClipboard Manager Gadget - The main interface window of the gadget will provide users with history, favorite clips, timestamps, tools or settingsClipboard Manager Gadget - Users will be able to access the clipboard history capacity, max characters per item, font size or color within the Settings panel

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