Recycle bin Vista Gadget

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Vista Gadget that will show and allow you to manipulate from your desktop or sidebar the Recycle Bin

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If you used Windows Vista or Windows 7 for a long time, you have surely got accustomed to using desktop gadgets to speed up various tasks. For instance, you could rely on Recycle bin Vista Gadget instead of the typical tool provided by Windows.

This gadget simply adds a new item to your desktop and you can place it wherever you like, so that it does not bother you from work yet it is still easily accessible. You can make it always stay on top of your other open windows. Additionally, you can adjust the opacity level of the main window so that it blends in smoothly with your desktop wallpaper or the theme you installed on your computer.

In order to remove files and folders from your PC, you can just drag and drop the items you want to delete onto the window of the gadget, or you can use the traditional Del key.

Another feature of Recycle bin Vista Gadget is that you can preview the total space on disk occupied by the files in the Recycle Bin, so you can clear its contents when it gets too large.

Due to this gadget, you do not need to access the desktop every time you want to restore a file from the Recycle Bin or empty its contents. With a simple mouse click on the gadget, Windows Explorer provides you with access to the Recycle Bin.

All in all, Recycle bin Vista Gadget might not be a too complex tool, yet it can help you work faster and more efficiently, especially if you need to erase and restore files on a regular basis. You can customize it to your needs and enjoy its functions as long as you use Windows Vista or 7.

Recycle bin Vista Gadget was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on February 22nd, 2013
Recycle bin Vista Gadget - After adding this gadget to your Vista Sidebar you will be able to see and access the Recycle Bin from your desktop.

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