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Utility to enable Task Manager disabled by virus, trojans, spyware etc

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Task Manager Fix is a quick solution designed to enable the Task Manager when the system has been infected with malware that block access to it.

Most virus infections disable some of the system utilities while active. More than often, the targeted computer section is the Task Manager, because from here you can identify the process that keeps the malware alive.

In this type of situation, the first solution is an in-depth virus scan with a powerful security solution. Sometimes, even though the system has been cleaned, the access to the Task Manager has not been re-enabled and performing this operation manually is complex.

Rather than tackling the registry by hand, you can use an alternative such as Task Manager Fix, a reliable application that will grant you access to the utility almost instantly.

The application is extremely lightweight and doesn’t require installation, which means it won’t leave a footprint on the system registry. What’s more it can be carried around on a removable drive and launched on any computer.

In addition to being lightweight, Task Manager Fix is also very easy to use. Usage involves launching it and pressing the ‘Fix’ button; a few seconds later, a message stating that access has been re-enabled will be displayed. What’s more, the operation does not require a restart, which makes it all the more effective.

In conclusion, Task Manager Fix is a reliable utility for re-enabling access to the Task Manager in situations where viruses have taken over the system and it’s impossible to kill the process that keeps them up and running.

Task Manager Fix was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on May 2nd, 2013
Task Manager Fix - This is the main window of Task Manager Fix where all you have to do is click on the button.

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