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Shows info about at least CPU, WiFi + Battery

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margu-NotebookInfo2 provides you with a comprehensive gadget for your laptop PC. Using this particular tool, you are always informed about various vital aspects such as CPU or WLAN activity as well as battery performance. Although this may seem a waste of time for some users, others prefer to have them all right on their desktop, in plain view.

And that’s why margu-NotebookInfo2 was created in the first place: to bring all the necessary hardware-related information in one handy place that you can customize in order to match your preferences. By default, the gadget only displays the above mentioned statistics; however, you can go ahead and add more by accessing the settings panel.

You can quickly and easily fetch additional information from simple time and calendar to more advanced uptime, powerplan, RAM utilization and even HDD-related reports. The first section of margu-NotebookInfo2’s gadget displays the frequency of the installed CPU. By clicking on it, you can further view details like manufacturer, name, family or number of cores.

Every particular area of the GUI holds supplementary info and you can reach it by clicking on distinct elements of it. For instance, the connection status does that for the network portion, the battery percentage for more battery status information, uptime for system specs, RAM for performance monitor or hard drives for their contents.

The Settings panel encase a plethora of configurable options to make margu-NotebookInfo2 look and feel just the way you see fit. From WLAN and LAN interface selection and critical battery sound notification to time zone and clock animation, this gadget also features a live preview of any modification made to the skin of its interface.

margu-NotebookInfo2 comprises of some very important system gauges so you can instantly find out if something is wrong or is about to go that way. While working on your laptop, you can also keep an eye on the overall as well as typical performance of the whole system and its consisting components. It’s better to be on the safe side than losing your work.

margu-NotebookInfo2 was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on August 27th, 2013
margu-NotebookInfo2 - margu-NotebookInfo2 will help you quickly and easily view info about at least CPU, WiFi + Batterymargu-NotebookInfo2 - The Settings tab section will provide users with a list of options like Select WLAN / LAN Interface or Show net usagemargu-NotebookInfo2 - Users will be able to access options such as Clock / Calendar within the second Settings tab sectionmargu-NotebookInfo2 - screenshot #4margu-NotebookInfo2 - screenshot #5

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