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Fullscreen view of your webcam.

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FSCamView is a handy application that is designed to help you watch the video captured by a video camera in full screen mode. It can be used for surveillance purposes when you only need to use a single video camera.

If you need to monitor a web camera permanently but not always standing near your desktop, this tool is a good solution. Although it does not provide other functions it stretches the image to the entire desktop and it loads almost instantly.

The program is very simple and it only requires a webcam connected to your computer. Unfortunately, while the program is running you cannot use the display for other tasks. You need to hit the Escape key in order to return to the desktop.

There is no way to select the device used for video capture since the application does not have an Options window. In our tests it connected automatically to a USB webcam without needing any configuration.

The users that want to improvise a surveillance system using a computer and a webcam can try the FSCamView application.

FSCamView was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on April 19th, 2012

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