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Stock Ticker Tape widget allows you to have a scrolling bar on your desktop displaying stock info

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If you’re an active stock player, then always knowing the evolution of the indexes you invested in is quite important. Stock Ticker Tape is a small widget that provides details regarding the most recent market fluctuations.

The program has a clean interface and intuitive layout that should make it easy to figure out.

Stock Ticker Tape comes with an extensive list of features that can be modified to suit your needs. For instance, you can modify the width, color, background and opacity of the ticker. Furthermore, you may fiddle with the layout. Thus, you can assign colors for various items, such as the text, symbols, value, positive and negative changes, volume and trade time.

The features that you want to see scrolling in the upper area of the screen can be selected as well.

Some behavior settings are available. For instance, the program can respect daylight saving time, adjust the chart source and the frequency in which the feed is refreshed. The scrolling speed o the ticker can be modified as well.

Unlike other gadgets that can work solely with Windows, this one requires Yahoo! Widget Engine to function. The frame can be set to always be displayed on top of other programs and to ignore any mouse events. You can also make it immune to any dragging action.

The bottom line is that Stock Ticker Tape is a nice app that can be of great help if you want to keep track of the evolution of various indexes. Inexperienced users should find it easy to use, thanks to the app’s overall simplicity.

Stock Ticker Tape was reviewed by Gabriela Vatu
Last updated on February 8th, 2013
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