New in version 11.3.6321.0

August 28th, 2014
  • Bug and Stability fixes
  • New Antispam SDK
  • Active Virus Control (AVC) – Monitors processes’ behaviour, identifies all malware activities and stops all their negative effect on your PC.
  • New Security Pin Code (Protecting AA settings from being changed by anyone other than the main user.
  • Improved detection of .pst and .ost files during scan in the email protection feature
  • New and enhanced notification system and delivery method
  • Localization review
  • New language supported: Thai

New in version 11.2.5952.0 (June 4th, 2014)

  • Bug Fixing
  • Improved User interface
  • New Real-time Protection Settings
  • Support for easier sample collection
  • Better Malware Engine Performance
  • Updated disinfection process

New in version 11.1.5152.0 (December 12th, 2013)

  • Major bug fixes
  • Improved Windows 8.1 support
  • Updated installation flow
  • New Support section
  • Improved AntiSpam engine
  • Improved Firewall engine
  • Improved Firewall interface
  • Simplified Firewall rules creation
  • Improved App Management interface
  • Improved Web Protection interface
  • PasswordBox Integration
  • Improved expiration process
  • In app re-registration service for free users
  • Better notification system
  • New languages support:
  • Croatian
  • Serbian Latin
  • Serbian Cyrillic
  • Japanese
  • Bahasa Indonesia
  • Armenian
  • Belarusian

New in version 11.0.4397.0 (October 9th, 2013)

  • New, fluid User-Interface:
  • Designed for ease and usability. Easy to download, install and use, Ad-Aware 11 now sports a light, fluid UI that is a step-up from our previous version with a light, contemporary and modern design. Ad-Aware Free Antivirus + contains the essential protection features - simply enter your key in the UI to download and/or unlock the power of our premium versions.
  • Fast Antivirus:
  • It’s a superfast antivirus that complements our legendary anti-spyware.
  • Ad-Aware offers a superfast antivirus engine that works alongside our legendary anti-spyware technology. Two engines work together to block malware from traditional viruses to the more common spyware attacks. Because both engines are made to work together, there are no conflicts or slow-downs typically associated with running two separate security programs – there’s just one easy and superfast security solution.With automatic updates available several times a day, you can rest assured that your computer and files are protected from the ever-evolving threats of the web.
  • Legendary Antispyware:
  • The world’s most trusted. 450 million downloads and counting.
  • With over 1 billion attacks stopped, there is no doubt Lavasoft knows a thing or two about how to stop cybercriminals. Real-Time Detection continue to provide a legendary defense against Trojans, password stealers, key-loggers, spyware, adware, fraudsters and identity thieves.
  • Real-time protection:
  • Immediately detect malware before it harms your PC.
  • Ad-Aware’s Real-Time Protection immediately detects and blocks malware. Powered by behavior-based heuristic scanning, which blocks or suspends malicious processes and infected files that try to start or connect to your system. Ad-Aware’s Ehanced Real-Time Protection effectively prevents malware from damaging your PC or accessing your personal files.
  • Real-time process protection:
  • Blocks or suspends malicious processes and infected files that try to start or connect to your system preventing them from further infecting your system.
  • Real-time registry protection:
  • Advanced detection of attempted registry changes, a favorite target for many malware distributors. Ad-Aware 11 alerts you when a program tries to make changes to your registry, giving you the power to block the threat or to allow access.
  • Real-time network protection:
  • Monitors outgoing network traffic and blocks connections to blacklisted IP addresses and known malicious websites, identifying and stopping active threats.
  • Download protection:
  • Download photos, music and movies with confidence.It is becoming increasingly popular for cyber-criminals to upload contaminated files into what appears to be the latest movies, software programs or even music. A user who inadvertently downloads such a file exposes his PC and his network to the whims of hackers and puts himself at risk of having his identity stolen or his computer compromised.
  • Ad-Aware automatically scans files before they are downloaded on your hard-drive and detects malware before it can ever be launched. Its real-time protection quarantines infected files preventing them from damaging your system.
  • Safe Browsing:
  • Protection while you browse the web.
  • Ad-Aware’s Safe Browsing feature scans for known bad URLs and websites. It’s a great way to protect yourself from the newest malware being distributed.
  • The Safe Browsing engine constantly checks sites against a constantly updated list of reported malware infected sites.
  • Ad-Aware Safe Browsing protects you while you browse the web. Every URL is carefully scanned in real-time against a constantly updated list of suspected malware and phishing sites. If you click on a dangerous link while browsing the web or while reading an e-mail, Ad-Aware Safe Browsing will immediately warn you of the site’s risk status.
  • Gaming mode:
  • Play games and watch movies without being disturbed.
  • Ad-Aware was the first free antivirus program to include a game mode (sometimes called silent mode). In Game Mode, your computer remains protected while you play your games or watch a movie without the interruptions or strain on system resources that other security software programs often cause. Game Mode suspends alerts, system scans and auto-updates while you work or play without compromising your security.

New in version 11.0.3787.0 Beta (September 4th, 2013)

  • Brings all the privacy and security features you know and trust to a whole new level: it’s faster and slimmer, packs better protection, offers powerful new features and is wrapped in a brand new interface.
  • Ad-Aware 11’s brand new interface has been radically redesigned to ensure better user experience. Its new look feels more intuitive, simple yet at the same time showcases its main usability.

New in version (November 24th, 2012)

  • Better malware detection & faster scanning
  • Improved compatibility when using other antivirus software (On-Demand Compatibility Mode)
  • New Simplified Chinese language added
  • Improved installation process
  • Minor cosmetic & compatibility fixes

New in version (September 29th, 2012)

  • Bug fixes
  • Better multi-language support
  • Improved browsing protection
  • Simplified installation process
  • Revamped activation flow
  • Faster automatic definition updates
  • Updated notification screens

New in version (July 17th, 2012)

  • Safe Browsing System that blocks malicious URLs to provide a meaningful protection against real threats and significantly reduces false positive rates.
  • ID Watchdog Integration provides free credit report monitoring and alerting capabilities to notify users of any critical changes to their credit report that might be an early indicator of identity theft (for US residents only).
  • Enhanced Real-Time Protection increases the reliability of the drives and includes enhanced 64-bit support.

New in version (May 9th, 2012)

  • Cached Scanning automatically skips the scanning of files that it determined safe in earlier scans, resulting in much faster scans. With the new scanning capabilities, a quick scan drops from four minutes to less than ten seconds on subsequent scans, and drops from two hours to between six and ten minutes on full scans
  • Firewall technology automatically white-lists trusted programs, enabling users to upgrade to Ad-Aware without networking issues with programs already installed
  • Real-Time Protection increases the reliability of the drivers and includes enhanced 64-bit support
  • Web-Browsing Protection engine now updates several times a day