New in version

November 20th, 2014
  • New Features in Foxit Reader 7.0:
  • Shared Review for Desktop and Mobile Users
  • 2D Barcode Displaying
  • Optimized PCL Printing
  • Free-form Annotation with PSI (Pressure Sensitive Ink)
  • Bi-directional Language Support
  • Signature Verification on XFA Forms
  • Friendly Ribbon Customization
  • Stronger Security from RMS Plugin (Enterprise Only)
  • Create PDFs with RMS Encryption (Enterprise Only)
  • Improvements in Foxit Reader 7.0:
  • Text Copy with Formatting Maintained
  • SharePoint Network Drive Support
  • GPO Improvement (Enterprise Only)
  • Issues Addressed in Foxit Reader 7.0:
  • Fixed the critical issues on Microsoft Touch Screen where:
  • 1) Users cannot exit Full Screen Mode;
  • 2) Users cannot bring out the context menu by tap-and-hold;
  • 3) Users cannot move up or down the annotation objects.
  • Fixed an issue where an error prompted when users emailed a file with CJK characters in the file name if Windows

New in version (July 2nd, 2014)

  • Improvements:
  • Updates Foxit’s compatibility with the Microsoft IRM extension for PDF Specification.
  • Issues Addressed:
  • Fixed an issue where the application may suffer security vulnerabilities when reading and displaying filenames and their paths on the “Recent Documents” section from the Start Page.

New in version (May 6th, 2014)

  • New Features:
  • PDF/A File Notification.
  • Foxit Plugin Platform.
  • SCUP Catalog for Automatic Application Updates.
  • Feature Enhancements:
  • UX Improvement.
  • Controls Operations to Toolbars by GPO template.
  • Word-to-PDF Conversion with Document Properties Maintained.
  • Supports Windows Embedded Standard 7.
  • Enables SharePoint Plugin by Default without Registry Entry.

New in version 6.1.2 (February 24th, 2014)

  • Improves the compatibility of converted PDFs, allowing users to open converted PDFs with greater accuracy and more smoothly than other PDF products.
  • Enhances the conversion function, making the converted contents clearer and sharper.

New in version 6.1 (February 24th, 2014)

  • New Features:
  • Area Highlight
  • Signature Protection
  • Simplified Scanning Process
  • SharePoint Integration Enhancement
  • Extensive Find & Search
  • “.CSV” Support for Form Export
  • Easier File Attaching and Appending
  • “Black and White” PDF Conversion
  • Feature Enhancements:
  • UI Improvements

New in version 6.0.3 (August 1st, 2013)

  • Added the option of switching back to classic mode in Ribbon mode.
  • Fixed a bug where Microsoft Office Apps will crash after the Reader installation.
  • Fixed a bug of Foxit Reader & Windows encrypted file system.

New in version (July 5th, 2013)

  • New Features:
  • PDF Creation
  • Allows users to quickly and easily create PDF.
  • With one-click, create from Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel through the Foxit Reader plug-in.
  • High performance PDF conversion from hundreds of file types by:
  • Dragging and dropping the document into Foxit Reader.
  • Using the Foxit Reader create From File capability.
  • Right mouse clicking on the file.
  • Convert hardcopy documents into PDF with the create From Scanner functionality.
  • Extend any application with print capabilities to include PDF conversion through the included Foxit Reader PDF Printer (PDF print driver).
  • Cut and paste content via the Windows clipboard into a new PDF by using the From Clipboard feature.
  • Ribbon-Based Toolbar
  • New user interface with a ribbon-based toolbar based on Microsoft Office 2013 (Office 15) design is more intuitive and provides users with a familiar user experience.
  • Read and Search PDF Portfolios
  • Open and read PDF portfolios and perform searches either within a single PDF file or across all the PDF files in the portfolio.
  • Whitelist Trusted URLs for Form Submission
  • Enables users to create and maintain a whitelist of the trusted URLs when submitting form online to manage the file access.
  • Create and Insert Stamps
  • Allows users to create and insert stamps into their PDF documents and forms, by selecting from a choice of pre-made stamps, creating static custom or dynamic stamps.
  • PDF Sign
  • Allows users to sign documents with their own handwriting. Signatures can be created from an image of your signature or by writing it yourself on touch enabled desktop systems or tablets. Users can quickly and easily manage, place, and apply these signatures.
  • Plug-in Manager
  • Adds plug-in Manager which shows a list of installed plug-ins and the relevant information.
  • Feature Enhancements:
  • Comments Summary
  • Supports sorting comments by checkmark status, setting current properties of any comment as default, and deleting comment by batch. Plus, the Note comment now supports to be printed.
  • Booklet Printing
  • Allows users to print multipage PDF in booklet format.
  • Run Script Right Control
  • Supports to control the right of running Script for better PDF protection.

New in version 5.4.5 (January 21st, 2013)

  • Fixed a security issue where attackers can exploit a web browser plugin vulnerability to execute arbitrary code.

New in version 5.4.4 (November 23rd, 2012)

  • New Features:
  • Supports opening PDF files on Microsoft SharePoint Server and allowing users to seamlessly check out and check in PDF files within Foxit Reader.
  • Allows users to easily send, sign and save PDF documents and forms using DocuSign, the industry's most widely used eSignature solution.
  • Issue Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where Foxit Reader may call and run malicious code in the Dynamic Link Library (DLL) file.
  • Fixed an issue where the application cannot remember the last print paper size setting.
  • Fixed an issue where certain digital signatures cannot be verified by Foxit Reader.