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I know all of you feel the void created by the banning of the DVDDecrypter. And I know there is not such a software on the market available today. But hey, cheer up, there are other softwares on the market that can do all DVDDecrypter was capable of.

Unfortunately, I will not review such a software, but I chose instead DVDFab Decrypter. The application is developed by Fengtao Software and now it is in a beta stage. The installation file will not take more than 1.85MB of your hard disk space and the price is to my taste, this version being free.

The interface of the software is drawn nice and clean and you can see that they gave their best to make the application look good. And the success is on their side. The setting of the "scene", however, is not too original, but it was the best solution. Thus, the user will not get confused and will very easily reach the desired options provided in the program.

In the left side of the application window, there are displayed all the options the full, Platinum version makes available to the paying customer. Yes, although this version displays all the options, the user will be disappointed to see that s/he needs a version upgrade in order to benefit from the full power of the application. Marketing policies tend to lead to this kind of measures.

Anyway, the options in the left side of the main window are divided into two: the DVD to DVD section and the DVD to Mobile one. In the first section, you have the DVD copying options (Full Disc, Main Movie, Split, Customize and Clone).

The DVD to Mobile section allows the user to convert the DVD file into iPod or PSP format, but this entire section is locked in the free version.

To make the long story short, I'll tell you from the beginning which options are active and which are locked. All there is available in this version are the Full Disc and Main Movie options under the DVD to DVD section. Disappointed? So am I. But for a free version, what did you expect?

In the right side of the application window, there is the actual working space. Working of the software, because after you specify the source of the DVD file and the output folder, all there is left is pressing the Start button, sitting back and relaxing. But do not get too comfortable, because the software is fast and your relaxation will soon be interrupted.

The Main Movie option will display in the lower left corner a small preview window that will contain the selected titles of the DVD. In the right side, you will be provided with the usual info about the file. If you have a DVD video you will see the total play time and the play time by chapters.

Next to that window, you will learn if your DVD has the Audio included and if it does, what language is it in and the type of the audio. Under the Audio window there are displayed the subtitles your DVD contains.

At the bottom of the main window, there will be displayed the type of the DVD video (DVD-9 or DVD5) and the quality.

Take a look on the title bar of the software, in the right side. You will see the usual close and minimize buttons and further to the left there is a little wheel. Click it to access the Preferences menu. Here, you can make the settings for the software, mainly for two areas: General and DVD.

The General allows you to configure the preview (show or not the preview window and automatically play or not the selected source) and the sound (select and audio from your computer for the software to alert you whenever an event occurs: success or fail).

You can also select the language of the software, the output and temporary directory, ask before overwriting the same file, deleting the temporary file when the task is finished, automatically check for a new version and DMA.

The DVD preferences allow the user to configure the software for when encountering errors (the number of retries and the number of sector skipping after a reading error). The other option is called Protection and with it, you can remove different protections applied to the DVD like CSS (Content Scramble System), RC (Region Code), Region Code Enhancement, Analog Protection System, User Operation Prohibitions (both from IFO and VOB files), etc. Enable all of them and you will have no copying problems.

The Good

The interface is nicely drawn. The software is free and does its job very fast.

The Bad

All those locked for Platinum version options are definitely a bad thing. And so is the Tutorial that is not available on their page.

The Truth

All in all, the software is a good "acquisition" and it is helpful when you want to copy a DVD because the application loads fast.

Here are some snapshots of the application in action:

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user interface 5
features 2
ease of use 5
pricing / value 5

final rating 3
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