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Any help in child education is sought-after from both perspectives, that of the parent and that of the youngster. In the first case all things that can contribute positively to the kid's upbringing and thus lift off the parents' shoulders some of the many responsibilities are yearned for. From the children's point of view, all the helpers that will lend a hand in solving their homework are a truly rare and treasured gift. This is true especially when it comes to math, a subject matter that often raises difficulties to the majority of pupils and students.

The range of educational software that can be found nowadays is immense as there are applications designed for almost all the domains you can think of. Among those that are most coveted are the ones with practical utilization in the field of mathematics because it is studied from a very early age and is an active part of our everyday life. For parents or teachers who need a practical and easy-to-use utility that can be employed on a daily basis in the learning process of elementary school math there is a freeware tool ready to oblige. It is called MathSheetGenerator and, as its name clearly states, it will help you create various exercises that are waiting to be solved as soon as they come out of the printer.

This software's main goal is to generate sheets of mathematical exercises for the basic operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. This utility doesn't require installation and you can open it as soon as you successfully extract the MathSheetGenerator Libs folder and MathSheetGenerator executable, together with the Read Me text file. The interface is pretty straightforward as it has all the functions in the main window with only the Preferences tab requiring you to go to the File menu in order to access it. There are no fancy buttons, ribbons, effects, nothing but the commands and configuration options, alongside a small preview window for the exercise papers that will be created.

With the help of this application you'll be able to make as many as 99 sheets with an upper limit of 9 columns on each one of them. The Math Settings section will enable you to choose the top and bottom operands' range as well as that for the result between minimum and maximum default values that range anywhere from 0 to 999 but you can increase and otherwise modify them as you please. A very useful feature is the one allowing you to select the operators (arithmetical operations) individually and in groups. That is to say a sheet of exercises can be monothematic or it can contain two or all four mathematical functions. There is also an example in the upper right corner of the main window that illustrates the parameters you configure so as to get a better idea of what will be applied on paper.

MathSheetGenerator offers you two choices when it comes to dealing with the output results, namely printing them or saving the sheets as images for later reviewing and utilization. Regardless of the chosen variant, you can opt for the inclusion of the solutions for the exercises and this can be quite handy for a fast assessment of the results. The correct answers are printed or saved on individual pages that are separated from those that will be given to the children for solving. If you decide to keep all of them as images, this utility will allow you to configure the width and height of the pictures that are saved in JPG format to a folder you pick. All the images will be given the name you input the dedicated box that is present in the same panel.

The preferences area of the software deals with some fine adjustments that can be brought to the generated output. Hence you will be able to select the font used for printing the exercises and the typeface that can be bold, italic or both. In this menu you can also find the customization settings for the Multiply and Divide operations. There are four different options for the former symbol and three for the later, allowing you to settle for the one that is more easily recognized by the kids you instruct.

As soon as you finish the configuration of all the variables, you can print or save the sheets that are instantly created. The stress on the system resources is barely noticeable as this application is very light on RAM and processor usage.

The Good

MathSheetGenerator offers a nice set of features and its ease of use makes it a must have for any category of computer users. Likewise, there are plenty of customizations if we take into consideration the fact that it is meant for elementary math practice. A very good characteristic is the ability to print and save the sheets so they can be viewed on paper and on screen at the same time.

The Bad

There are no functionality-related drawbacks for this utility, perhaps the only noteworthy aspect here being the simple interface.

The Truth

MathSheetGenerator represents a very useful piece of software that will help anyone who wishes to improve and assess the performances of pupils by creating a random selection of exercises with the solutions included. It is easy to operate, not so good looking but very strong in terms of functionality, overall a must-have application for everyone involved in the educational process of elementary school children.

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