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Everybody knows that a computer system can get clogged up very fast if you do not take care of it. You will have to clean it of temporary files, get rid of the leftovers after uninstalling softwares, lose the junk files, tweak the memory, clean Windows Registry of useless items etc. There is a lot of work if you want to keep your computer running for a long time.

The other day I was thinking how long it would take to manually clean the computer of all the unwanted, useless data. My conclusion was: forever. So, whenever I can get my hand on a registry cleaner I put it to the test to see if it is the right one for me. Until now, I am stuck to Ccleaner and EasyCleaner. They are both free and provide a lot of help as once you got them configured all you need to do is push a few buttons.

I know there are better softwares out there, but considering the well deserved awards these two have and the fact that they are free, I have to be very careful if I want to buy a registry cleaner.

$34.95 is a price that for some softwares is too much and for others is too cheap to keep you off suspicion. seems to think it is the right price for Registry Easy, an application designed to help you into cleaning your registry entries and more. Thus, it can also perform optimizations of your system and backup your registry.

The interface is pretty simple and I cannot imagine a computer user not being able to handle the application. The General Settings in the Preferences menu provide you the possibility of configuring Registry Easy to start with Windows and perform automatic updates. Scheduling is also present in the menu and the user can set the hour for starting the daily cleaning.

Scan option includes areas like User/System Software Settings, Fonts Section, Invalid File Association, System Services, Help Section, Shared DLL, Application Paths, Invalid Shortcuts, Startup Programs, File Extensions, Start Menu Items or MRU (Most Recently Used files). Being a registry tool it would be a huge drawback not to include the registry scan option. Registry Easy has this option incorporated and it will scan your system for empty registry keys. The only problem is that - no matter the number of problems found during the scan - the user will not be able to test the accuracy of problem solving as this is one of the limitations of the application.

Backup is the second option for the user. It is designed to create a backup of your registry either before or after the scan. The developer recommends using this option after the scan is complete, as the software is equipped with a backup restore option which allows you to turn your computer back to the initial state.

The Advanced part of the program is where all the tweaking and optimizing is done. There are eleven sections covered in here: Startup Manager, Add/Remove, Junk Files Clean, IE Restore, BHO, Clean History, System Optimizer, Lock ActiveX, Tweak Memory, Restore Point and Register ActiveX.

The Startup Manager will give you an accurate idea about the processes that start with your OS and gives you an easy possibility to remove all of the unwanted. In the full version that is, as shareware will only show you the items that prevent your system to load the OS faster.

The same limitation is available in Add/Remove section, too. But at least you can take a look at all the software you have installed on your computer. Cleaning the junk files on your computer can be an extremely tiresome and in some cases impossible job if done manually. Registry Easy opens the door to the automated process of getting rid of all the temporaries that make your searches take so long. The junk files can be edited and you can add new extensions to the current list. Removing all the files is also restricted.

History cleaning option will take a look inside the Recycle Bin, in the IE Cache and Address folders as well as in Temporaries, Recent and Run MRU files. Fortunately, performing the clean in these areas is no longer forbidden and getting rid of all those useless files is done very fast.

The same good news in System Optimize function. Every optimization worked and to be frank it works pretty fine. At our test, we have reduced the computer shut down time by almost 50%. The options available include optimizing of the HDD when idle, and the Prefetch services in Windows XP.

Memory tweaking also recorded good results and at our test we have successfully gained a few percentages (10% at the first testing and another 8% until the end). 18% is not at all insignificant and the performance of the computer was increased and it was noticeable.

The Restore Point option is similar to Windows System Restore and the effects are the same.

The Good

The application gives you the possibility of creating backups for your registry. Also, the optimizing and the management section of the software contribute to increasing its value. The scan option will check all the essential areas of your computer. Also, the results are accurate enough and if by any chance you will get false positives, you can always appeal to the backup file.

However, I recommend creating a backup of Windows Registry before removing anything from there. Better safe then sorry.

The Bad

The interface is pretty shallow and a little consistency would not hurt. Also, the fact that there is a restriction when it comes to cleaning the registry is not too encouraging. Unfortunately, I could not test its registry cleaning abilities.

The spelling mistakes are definitely saying something about the developer. If you let them slip in such a way that everybody can see, than what can the users think about the coding and the scanning process?

Also, I took a look at the online menu. Despite the fact that it is not updated to version 2.0, the developer even took pictures of the spelling mistakes and posted them. May I suggest that going to an English checker first is not at all a waste of time, and posting the mistakes in the Help menu will definitely increase the value of the software and the trust of the customers.

The Truth

From the results of the scan, the software seems to know what it is doing and considering the memory tweaking options and the optimizations available I would say you should give it a try and see for yourselves.

Don't forget to back up first.

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