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As computers get old, they become slower and slower. It is not just your imagination, they are actually slackening. The minute you get tired of waiting and waiting for accessing the files on your hard disk, an idea pops up telling you that you need to freshen up your system with a new set of dual channel memory, faster CPU or a better motherboard. I've been there so I can relate. The problem with this slowing down is that the amount of files that keep accumulating and the cache size is too small.

According to the Pareto 80/20 principle, an average user uses about 20% of the total files 80% of the time. So, this means that an application that is able to predict based on your habits the most likely files you are using and pre-cache them in one way or the other would help you into this matter. Most of my colleagues at Softpedia and none of my friends have heard of an accelerating software that allows quicker moves on your computer.

And yet, the guys at DiskTrix (developers of UltimateDefrag) have realized that 80% of the files on your computer are dormant and waiting for the awakening. The same principle is applied to UltimateDefrag which lets the user choose how to defragment the files and move the least used ones to the edges of the disk.

System Booster is a small and easy to use utility that will improve the moves of your computer by pre caching the commonly used files. This will result in a faster running of your entire system. Actually, all that the application does is to reduce the disk time (the duration of the disk accessing the files). System Booster preserves the flexibility of UltimateDefrag and lets the users choose the data that should be boosted.

The interface is not the strong point of the software as it looks as if taken from Windows 98, but that's OK because you are not going to spend too much time looking at the interface but instead, you will feel the power it generates.

The developer let the complications in UltimateDefrag away and did not leave a trace of its identity in System Booster and equipped it with only the strictly necessary. Thus, the user can create new profiles, besides the default AUTO and define his/her own boost parameters. Users can choose one of the three boosting priorities available (normal, below normal and low), the refresh rate (adaptive, normal and high) - adaptive refresh rate seems only logical at the beginning until you develop a "boost sense".

In the left side of the profile parameters window, you can select the drives or folders that you want included in the sprightly process.

My suggestion is to edit the AUTO profile because it lets you choose to boost only the files accessed a user defined time ago (up to 999 days), set the scan period and the boost period (the default 15 minutes is a good boost period because Windows empties the cache beginning with the last used files and if System Booster's boost period is too large, the files may not be in the memory cache any longer).

For your system to be permanently on a boost, make sure that you check the Start with the Windows option by right clicking on the system tray icon. For an immediate speed up of the machine, a simple click on the icon is enough. In two seconds the prefetch will be over and the machine supercharged.

The Help file provided is absolutely great, as it thoroughly explains the works of the software and also gives you useful tips on the best conditions to run the program.

The Good

The software costs $19 and does a good job. My whole system is now working faster when I operate the usual files. The ease of use allows all categories of users to employ the program.

The Bad

The application could use a face lifting and having the same time settings for the user customized profiles as the AUTO would not be such a bad idea.

The trial period is of only seven days.

The Truth

$19.95 is not too much for a utility that speeds your computer's file access time considerably. However, let's not forget that a set of new memory or changing the CPU is the real boost your computer needs.

Indeed, after installing System Boost, I felt my computer moving faster, that is when accessing the usual files. As soon as I began opening time forgotten files, the opening speed was the same. Then again, if you properly configure the profiles, you will have a nice surprise.

Here are some snapshots of the application in action:

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