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Malwarebytes Chameleon

A handy tool for users whose computer is already infected, enabling them to launch Malwarebytes An...

July 3rd, 06:11 GMT

Mount Image Pro 5.2.8 Build 1156 / 6.0.9 Build 1563 RC

Mount images as drive letters on your computer in just a few mouse clicks, with the help of this i...

July 3rd, 06:09 GMT

Take Command 18.00 Build 25

A powerful GUI command interpreter designed as an alternative for the traditional command line edi...

July 3rd, 06:08 GMT

SmarterMail Free Edition 14.0.5661

Quickly migrate from any mail service such as GMail or Yahoo and get access to calendars, messages...

July 3rd, 06:07 GMT

Anuko World Clock

Skinnable timezone clock replacing Windows system clock with multiple time zones

July 3rd, 06:04 GMT

SmartFTP 6.0.2152.0

A reliable tool for those who need to transfer small or large numbers of files from one place to a...

July 3rd, 06:02 GMT


Display videos or images from your computer as a virtual webcam during video calls with friends or...

July 3rd, 06:01 GMT


Portable folder backup and synchronization utility that can analyze and compare the content of two...

July 3rd, 06:01 GMT
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4MLinux 13.0

The main edition of the 4MLinux operating system, a minimal distro for system rescue tasks

July 2nd, 20:56 GMT

SchoolTool 2.8.4

An open source project that provides a common information platform for school administration

July 2nd, 20:54 GMT

Kalzium 15.04.3

An Open Source periodic table of the elements on KDE and any Linux operating system

July 2nd, 15:43 GMT

Enki 15.05.0

This project provides an open source text editor created by programmers for programmers

July 2nd, 15:41 GMT

Q4OS 1.2.5

A Linux desktop operating system that features a minimal desktop environment and package selection

July 2nd, 15:09 GMT

Blender 2.75

A fully functional, powerful and cross-platform integrated 3D creation software suite

July 2nd, 10:59 GMT

DragonFly BSD 4.2.1

A BSD distribution and environment that borrows many features from other BSD operating systems

July 2nd, 02:31 GMT

Vuze / Beta 07

A free and powerful file sharing application for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows OSes

July 2nd, 01:33 GMT
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  • mac

iNMR 5.4.6

A lightweight and user-friendly application specially made to help you process, analyze and visual...

July 3rd, 06:07 GMT
  • mac

MenuAndDockless 2.1

A powerful and easy to use SIMBL plug-in that offers you the possibility to decide on your own if ...

July 3rd, 05:26 GMT
  • mac

Integrity 5.3.1

Streamlined Mac OS X application that can scan entire websites in order to check the status of eac...

July 3rd, 04:29 GMT
  • mac

MacLoggerDX 5.62 / 5.63 Beta 2

Streamlined and powerful OS X application designed to help you organize and instantly tune into an...

July 3rd, 04:07 GMT
  • mac

Printopia 2.1.11

A powerful yet extremely easy to use Mac OS X application that offers you the possibility to quick...

July 3rd, 03:35 GMT
  • mac

VirtualDJ Pro 8.0.0 Build 2345

A fully-featured and user-friendly audio and video mixing application for your Mac, that helps you...

July 3rd, 03:08 GMT
  • mac

FanDraft Football 15.11

Makes it possible for you to create and manage your own digital fantasy football draft and get a f...

July 3rd, 02:27 GMT
  • mac

OPSWAT Gears Beta

Keep an eye on your Mac's security level, or monitor multiple devices, regardless of their operati...

July 3rd, 02:10 GMT
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Barbie Selfie Pro 1.0

Help Barbie choose the right outfit in order to take the best selfie out there and show it to her ...

July 2nd, 20:16 GMT

Colorful Life Dress Up 1.0

Put your fashion sense to the test with this dress up game designed to let your imagination run wild

July 2nd, 19:59 GMT

Pleated Fashion 1.0

Dress a girl in pleated skirts and apply the perfect makeup to go along with them in this dress up...

July 2nd, 11:56 GMT

Sumo Run 1.0

Enjoy a beautiful sunset and run as far as you can in this reflex-based platformer

July 2nd, 10:04 GMT

Mario Danger Forest 1.0

Help Mario in his journey to cross a trap-ridden forest in this challenging platformer game

July 2nd, 09:05 GMT

Anna Graduation Cake Contest 1.0

Bake and decorate cakes for Anna's graduation party in this fun and educational cooking game

July 1st, 20:55 GMT

Frozen Sisters in Cinema 1.0

Help Elsa get ready for a night out at the cinema in this simple makeover game based on the animat...

July 1st, 19:21 GMT

War Thunder Online Client

An action-packed MMO game dedicated to World War II military aviation, armored vehicles, and fleets

July 1st, 12:02 GMT
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jquery.textarea-highlighter.js 0.6.6

A jQuery plugin for highlighting text on a page, colorizing or adding a colorful background to it,...

July 3rd, 05:14 GMT

Esprima 2.4.0

A JavaScript library for parsing ECMAScript code

July 3rd, 04:11 GMT

Svidget.js 0.3.3

Create SVG widgets and display them online, may them be charts, graphics, maps, static objects, an...

July 3rd, 03:59 GMT

Yellow Lab Tools 1.7.2

A Node.js Web-based utility designed to test a website's frontend performance and help developers ...

July 3rd, 02:47 GMT

Book Review 2.1.13

A WordPress plugin for running a book review site on top of your blog, with full support for showi...

July 3rd, 01:09 GMT

p5.js 0.4.6

A state of the art JavaScript library for creating and animating Web graphics, heavily based and i...

July 3rd, 00:09 GMT

Apache Cordova 5.1.1

A large collection of JavaScript APIs that allow app developers to access native mobile device fun...

July 2nd, 23:05 GMT

Teacup 2.0.0

A templating system for CoffeeScript

July 2nd, 22:59 GMT
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NeuroNation 1.4.22

Train your brain to improve your memory and focus with NeuroNation

March 19th, 08:49 GMT

Flipagram 4.1

Create cool videos by mixing up your photos with music

March 19th, 07:32 GMT

Timer+ 2.1.2

Set up dozens of timers and control them all with ease

March 19th, 07:21 GMT

Nutshell Camera 1.3

Create some pretty cool videos with Nutshell Camera

March 19th, 07:21 GMT

IKEA Catalogue 15.20

Check out the IKEA Catalogue for more than just furniture

March 19th, 07:19 GMT

Complete 2.0.1

Complete puts a social twist to your regular to-do list/ task manager

March 19th, 07:18 GMT

WebMD Baby 2.1

WebMD Baby offers help in how to best tend to your baby

March 19th, 07:17 GMT

POMELO 1.5.1

POMELO helps you take great pictures by providing a bunch of

March 19th, 07:17 GMT
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Maxthon Browser

Search the internet with a fast and reliable browser

July 2nd, 17:00 GMT 8.0.3

Book hotel rooms and get ready for your trip using this app

July 2nd, 17:00 GMT

Morning Kit (Alarm & Panels) 4.1.1

Get all the information you need to start your day with this neat app

July 2nd, 16:59 GMT

Wish - Shopping Made Fun 3.12.1

Shop for various items, create wish lists and share with friends

July 2nd, 16:58 GMT

Weather Ultimate 1.6.3

Check the weather in multiple locations with this app

July 2nd, 16:58 GMT

FotoRus 5.7.1

Edit photos, add effects and create collages with this neat app

July 2nd, 16:57 GMT

Premium Wallpapers HD 4.0.0

Browse through various images, set them as wallpapers on your phone

July 2nd, 16:57 GMT

Neon Alarm Clock 3.2.9

Set multiple alarms, disable them using gestures with this simplistic app

July 2nd, 16:57 GMT
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My Vehicles

Log all expenses related to the maintenance of your car(s) with a smart app for your phone

May 26th, 13:55 GMT

Easy Shopping

Get a friendly assistant for your shopping sessions and use it on the go, from your phone

May 26th, 12:39 GMT


A complete file management solution that supports local files and OneDrive content

May 26th, 11:40 GMT

HQ Music Downloader

A useful helper for finding and getting the preferred music tracks while on the go

May 26th, 11:40 GMT


Customize you photos with amazing effects and filters then share the pics on the go

May 26th, 11:39 GMT


A useful pack of percentage calculators you can use on your Windows Phone while on the go

May 26th, 09:31 GMT

Account Vault

A simple app made to provide a safe haven for login credentials and other personal data

May 26th, 08:34 GMT

Discovery News

Learn new things about technology, nature, even outer space in Discovery Channel style

May 26th, 07:07 GMT
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SpyShelter Firewall

Boost your PC security against keyloggers and block Internet access to various apps, with the help of this powerful two-way firewall utility.



only   € 25.00

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The Steam Summer Sale Needs to Evolve, Focus on Quality Not Quantity

Gamers get too many games, play too few of them

The Steam Summer Sale, which this year came with an attached video game featuring monsters, ended on June 20 officially but a set of encores ran another two days after that, which probably means that many gamers are still contemplating the titles they have bought and the damage done to their wallets.

Valve has a policy of not releasing information about the increases in sales generated by its major promotions or about the money that the community spends but I think it is safe to say that this was one of the biggest moments in PC gaming in 2015.

A wide variety of video games were offered with very de...

Why Wasn't Batman: Arkham Knight Delayed on PC?

Warner Bros. and Rocksteady don't seem to care

Batman: Arkham Knight launched last week on June 23, worldwide, for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One platforms. While console owners got a quality experience that ran fine and delighted through its mechanics, PC users were served a terrible version of the game with major performance issues and all sorts of bugs and errors.

Since then, publisher Warner Bros. suspended the game's sale on the PC, while developer Rocksteady started working hard on fixing the game's horrible performance on the PC platform so that fans can actually enjoy the long-awaited title.

Given all these staggering developments, yo...

The Real-Time Apple: from Swift to Taylor Swift

Apple is slowly changing its ways and one of the first steps is to be more open and fix issues right away

Who would have imagined that Apple may reverse one of their thought decisions after an open letter from an artist. Not only did they do that, but the response did not come as a Press Release a couple of weeks later, but as tweets posted by Eddy Cue himself.

Ten days ago, Taylor Swift wrote an open letter to Apple. She was not willing to release her new album on Apple Music - the streaming service they were about to release just because she didn't find it fair to have no income for the first three months, while the service was free for new users. Seems like a reasonable request after all and every...

Computer Lashes at Programmer on the Question of Morality

We never expected for computers to be grumpy so soon

Over at Google a computer program using movie scripts as conversation database was asked again and again by programmers to define morality.

Not surprising, it struggled to do so, but in the end became nervous lashing out at the researcher ending the discussion.

The interview included two datasets, one taken from chat sessions from an IT helpdesk set of conversations by finding the model that someone uses to track a certain problem and provide a useful answer to the user, and to increase realism and add a more humane face of a conversation, a noisy set of movie subtitles was also selected to perform ...

You Should Not Compare Ubuntu Touch with Android or Any Other OS

The OS from Canonical is just starting its journey

Now that Ubuntu Touch is in the hands of actual users, one of the most common critiques is that it doesn't feel like a finished product and it cannot compete with the likes of Android or iOS. The problem is not Ubuntu, but the comparison itself.

Canonical has been working on Ubuntu Touch for more than two years and a half, and they finally managed to get it in on a phone and make available for purchase only for a few months. The number of devices that carry the new operating system is now up to three, but some of the users and even parts of the media do not like the new OS. They say it doesn'...

Will I Have the Latest Software Versions in Ubuntu with Snappy?

Why is it so hard for Ubuntu to have up-to-date packages

I don't know about you, but I like my Linux distribution of choice to have the latest software versions installed, always. I like to know that I am using an up-to-date operating system. Is that so hard? Apparently yes, if you're using Ubuntu.

This is something that has been on my “frustrations list” for a very long time now. It is the main reason behind my decision of not using Ubuntu as my main operating system, especially that I use Linux for work every day.

Some old-school Ubuntu users know exactly what I am talking about. No matter how hard Ubuntu tries to offer you an easy-t...

Can HTC Aero Help the Company’s Failing Business?

HTC’s latest flagship failed to impress anyone

Like BlackBerry, well-known smartphone maker HTC isn’t doing so well in terms of making profits rise while its smartphone business is concerned.

The device maker has announced the One M9 flagship during the same day as Samsung unveiled the monstrous Galaxy S6, which proved to be a big mistake because everyone raced to see the Galaxy S6 and immediately forgot about the One M9.

The thing is, the One M9 proved to be incapable of differentiating itself from other competing models on the market, but also from its predecessor, the One M8, which bears a very big resemblance to it.

So it’s no w...

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