#WINDOWS 10 LAUNCH Windows 7 and 8.1 Users Have Only 30 Days to Downgrade After Installing Windows 10

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Media Feature Pack for Windows 10 N and Windows 10 KN 1.0

Install all media-related technologies on your computer, running either N or KN versions of Window...

August 3rd, 16:57 GMT

PrimoCache 2.0.0

Accessible and user-friendly instrument that can be used to enhance the performance of your comput...

August 3rd, 16:39 GMT

Portable Presentation Assistant Ultimate [DISCOUNT: 50% OFF!] 2.9.2

Application which enables you to draw on the screen, magnify parts of it, create different types o...

August 3rd, 16:19 GMT

WebLog Expert Lite 8.6 / 9.0 Beta 2

Enables you to generate activity reports for specified websites, by analyzing log files of web ser...

August 3rd, 15:34 GMT

Arclab Website Link Analyzer 1.2.1

SEO optimization tool that can analyze a website to help you find broken links and other problems ...

August 3rd, 15:23 GMT

Virtual CD

Will copies your CD/DVDs with modern compression technology to the hard disk

August 3rd, 15:17 GMT

VBA Password Bypasser 5.2

Bypass VBA projects code password protection for any VBA-enabled documents with the help of an int...

August 3rd, 14:42 GMT

Twitabase 1.60

Quickly retrieve data from your Twitter account and view statistical information on your actions h...

August 3rd, 14:37 GMT
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Nvidia Linux Display Driver 355.06 Beta

The Beta version of the Nvidia video driver for Nvidia graphics cards on Linux OSes

August 3rd, 16:02 GMT

Percona XtraBackup 2.2.12 / 2.3.1 Beta 1

This project provides an open source backup application for InnoDB and XtraDB storage engines

August 3rd, 12:35 GMT

schily 2015-08-03

This Open Source CLI project is comprised of a set of tools for Linux operating systems

August 3rd, 12:17 GMT

Bluestar Linux Desktop 2015.08.01

A fast Arch Linux based operating system with up-to-date applications and kernel

August 3rd, 12:15 GMT

Duplicity 0.7.04

An encrypted bandwidth-efficient backup tool

August 3rd, 12:08 GMT

I2P 0.9.21

An I2P Anonymous Network for Linux

August 3rd, 12:07 GMT

UNetbootin 613

A sophisticated tool that allows you to install various Linux distributions from USB flash drives

August 3rd, 12:05 GMT

Jenkins 1.623

An Open Source, cross-platform, free and extendable continuous integration server

August 3rd, 12:03 GMT
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  • mac

Bookends 12.5.8

A fully-featured and cost-effective bibliography/reference and information management system speci...

August 3rd, 17:03 GMT
  • mac

Radiologik DJ 2015.7.2

A streamlined Mac OS X software solution that covers the needs of radio broadcasting that can be u...

August 3rd, 16:11 GMT
  • mac

Praat 5.4.15

A fully-featured and powerful application specially made to help phoneticians to quickly and easil...

August 3rd, 15:56 GMT
  • mac

Greasemonkey 3.3 / 3.4 Beta 1

A powerful and very easy to use Firefox add-on that uses small bits of JavaScript to customize a w...

August 3rd, 15:05 GMT
  • mac

Daylight 1.9.1

Impressive looking and lightweight OS X utility designed to make it simple to follow the sunlit ar...

August 3rd, 14:47 GMT
  • mac

DriveDx 1.4.0 Build 484

Comprehensive drive health diagnostics and monitoring tool that checks the S.M.A.R.T. status but a...

August 3rd, 14:47 GMT
  • mac

ImageAlpha 1.4.0 / 1.5.0 Alpha 1

A very powerful reliable Mac application that was developed in order to easily convert 24-bit PNG ...

August 3rd, 14:40 GMT
  • mac

Ringer 2.0.5

Streamlined Mac OS X application that comes with intuitive, easy to use tools that enable you to c...

August 3rd, 14:32 GMT
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OpenTTD 1.5.1 / 1.5.2 RC 1 / Nightly r27358

A clone of Transport Tycoon Deluxe business simulation game that expands the original Transport Ty...

August 3rd, 15:50 GMT

neXt - CGM rc Heli Flight Simulator Demo 1.396

Control a variety or RC helicopters in this realistic simulator, sporting a highly customizable ph...

August 3rd, 14:15 GMT

StarMade 0.19361 / Dev Build 20150802_160440

Build spaceships, explore planets, and go to war in this procedurally generated voxel-based sandbo...

August 3rd, 13:44 GMT

GTA: San Andreas - SA-MP Server 0.3.7

Use SA-MP Server to create a large server for San Andreas fans to use and have fun

August 3rd, 12:21 GMT

When Pigs Fly 0.3.1

Build all kinds of crazy flying contraptions for your little farm pig and see him disappear into t...

August 3rd, 11:18 GMT
  • games

Dolphin 4.0.2 / 4.0-7147 Dev / 5.0 RC

A straightforward and reliable Nintendo emulator that comes in handy for users who want to enjoy t...

August 3rd, 10:52 GMT

CheatBook August 2015

Grab a tool that has bunch of game walkthroughs for PC and console titles, as well as a bunch of c...

August 3rd, 09:33 GMT

D2X-XL 1.18.64

An open source project and has received a lot of enhancements for Descent 2

August 3rd, 09:02 GMT
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ASRock B85M-DGS BIOS 1.50


August 3rd, 16:52 GMT

ASRock H81M-DGS R2.0 BIOS 1.60


August 3rd, 16:34 GMT

ASRock H81M-HDS R2.0 BIOS 1.30


August 3rd, 16:24 GMT

ASRock H97 Anniversary BIOS 1.50


August 3rd, 16:12 GMT

ASRock H97 Pro4 BIOS 1.90


August 3rd, 16:02 GMT

ASRock B85 Anniversary BIOS 1.40


August 3rd, 15:46 GMT
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FusionCharts 3.8.0

A JavaScript & HTML5 suite for creating eye-catching animated charts, available in a free and comm...

August 3rd, 16:07 GMT

WP Lightbox 2 3.0.4

A WordPress plugin to view images inside modal windows

August 3rd, 15:29 GMT

Fresco 2.0.5

A commercial, top of the line jQuery modal lightbox script packaged with extensive support for a m...

August 3rd, 14:52 GMT

Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts Component 2.113

A professional set of Flash, Flex, JavaScript, and HTML5 components for displaying pivot charts an...

August 3rd, 13:35 GMT

Drupal 7.38 / 6.36 / 5.23 / 8.0.0-beta14 / 9.x-dev

An open source CMS (content management system) for easily building, publishing, managing and organ...

August 3rd, 13:02 GMT

Apache WSS4J 2.1.2

A Java implementation of the OASIS WS-Security specification, a basic library for protecting your ...

August 3rd, 12:41 GMT

OS.js 2.0 Alpha 61

A JavaScript-powered, browser-contained operating system

August 3rd, 11:51 GMT

Cesium 1.11

A 3D mapping engine coded in JavaScript working on top of WebGL, perfect for rendering interactive...

August 3rd, 10:17 GMT
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NeuroNation 1.4.22

Train your brain to improve your memory and focus with NeuroNation

March 19th, 08:49 GMT

Flipagram 4.1

Create cool videos by mixing up your photos with music

March 19th, 07:32 GMT

Timer+ 2.1.2

Set up dozens of timers and control them all with ease

March 19th, 07:21 GMT

Nutshell Camera 1.3

Create some pretty cool videos with Nutshell Camera

March 19th, 07:21 GMT

IKEA Catalogue 15.20

Check out the IKEA Catalogue for more than just furniture

March 19th, 07:19 GMT

Complete 2.0.1

Complete puts a social twist to your regular to-do list/ task manager

March 19th, 07:18 GMT

WebMD Baby 2.1

WebMD Baby offers help in how to best tend to your baby

March 19th, 07:17 GMT

POMELO 1.5.1

POMELO helps you take great pictures by providing a bunch of

March 19th, 07:17 GMT
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To Do Reminder 2.63.6

Never forget a task again with this great app for your Android device

August 3rd, 11:13 GMT

Orbitum Browser 1.5

Browse the internet easily with this neat application for your Android phone

August 3rd, 11:13 GMT

PowerDirector – Video Editor 3.0.0

Record and edit videos easily using this nifty application on your phone

August 3rd, 11:13 GMT

Metro UI Launcher 8.1 2.0.9

Customize your phone with this neat launcher filled with nice tools

August 3rd, 11:10 GMT

Red Bull Alert 1.0.3

Motivate your wake-up with the Red Bull Alert app for Android devices

August 3rd, 11:10 GMT

ZEN Launcher 1.5.0

Go with simplicity and style to change the whole appearance of your phone with ZEN Launcher

August 3rd, 11:07 GMT

Zapya - File Transfer, Sharing 3.3

Transfer files fast between any devices using this cool and neat app

August 3rd, 11:07 GMT

File Expert with Clouds V7.0.5

Manage files on your phone, tablet, computer and even in cloud accounts

August 3rd, 11:06 GMT
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My Vehicles

Log all expenses related to the maintenance of your car(s) with a smart app for your phone

May 26th, 13:55 GMT

Easy Shopping

Get a friendly assistant for your shopping sessions and use it on the go, from your phone

May 26th, 12:39 GMT


A complete file management solution that supports local files and OneDrive content

May 26th, 11:40 GMT

HQ Music Downloader

A useful helper for finding and getting the preferred music tracks while on the go

May 26th, 11:40 GMT


Customize you photos with amazing effects and filters then share the pics on the go

May 26th, 11:39 GMT


A useful pack of percentage calculators you can use on your Windows Phone while on the go

May 26th, 09:31 GMT

Account Vault

A simple app made to provide a safe haven for login credentials and other personal data

May 26th, 08:34 GMT

Discovery News

Learn new things about technology, nature, even outer space in Discovery Channel style

May 26th, 07:07 GMT
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Driver Booster 40% OFF

Intuitive program that helps you update all your drivers and game components, activate a silent update mode (popup notifications are disabled) and automatically create a restore point.



only   $ 17.37

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Nvidia 355.06 Beta Is a Massive Release, Brings Full OpenGL Support to EGL

A new important beta update has been relaesed for Nvidia

GTA 5 Online Gets Double RP, GTA$ Rewards in Pacific Standard Heist, Other Jobs

Score lots of bonuses this week in GTA 5's multiplayer

Download Now Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 Patch 1.05 for Photo Mode, More

Lots of enhancements and bug fixes are also included

Apple Watch Works With August Smart Locks

No more keys, no more broken locks, no more dispair

Unity 8 and KDE Will Be Able to Coexist on the Same Ubuntu OS

The Ubuntu and KDE developers are working together

FIFA 16 Reveals 9 New Simulated Stadiums, Fratton Park Added to Honor Simon Humber

Gamers can also play on the full list of grounds in the Premier League, including those of newly promoted teams

Vega Confirmed for Street Fighter V with Gameplay Video, Fresh Details

Players can choose to discard Vega's claw during combat

Glasses Promise a Complete LSD Trip, Albeit a Perfectly Legal One

The glasses make the world look twisted, bizarre

Ben Affleck’s Lover Wants to Sue Jennifer Garner for Firing Her as Nanny

Christine Ouzounian is gearing up for a nasty fight

The Pros and Cons of Hunting

Hunting animals actually makes sense sometimes

The death of Cecil the lion, shot dead earlier this month by American recreational big-game hunter Walter Palmer, has reignited a long-standing debate: the legitimacy of hunting. 

The 13-year-old feline, studied and tracked by wildlife researchers at Oxford University for years, undoubtedly met a gruesome demise: he was lured out of Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park, wounded by an arrow shot and only two days later tracked down and killed for good. 

Once dead, he was skinned and decapitated, his head Walter Palmer’s for the taking. Apparently, the big-game hunter very badly wante...

The Tablet Is Dying and Here’s Why

Tablet computers are not what they used to be

A few years ago, we couldn't stop talking about tablets and device manufacturers launched new models at the speed of light. But that's all behind us now, as consumers have slowly started losing interest in tablets.

According to the latest numbers provided by research firm IDC, in the second quarter of 2015, Apple and Samsung lost four points of market share to the rest of the tablet makers. Overall, 44.7 million tablets shipped worldwide, which constitutes a decrease of 7% (or 3.3 million) from the second quarter of the previous year.

Some of the reasons behind the accentuated downfall inclu...

Who Says Apple's Products Are Expensive Now?

Why would you pay $99 to $199 for a new Windows license when you can get OS X for free? Also, which one is the best?

Windows 10 is out. Yet, Microsoft has proved it didn't learn from their mistakes and released not one but four versions of their new operating system. Sure enough, this may be seen as a progress from the 9 versions of Windows 8, as we only get four of them now.

However, the company still kept a high price for something that should be given away for free.

Let's start this discussion with the way Microsoft believes they can sell their products. First, they promised they would be giving Windows 10 for free, but as it turned out, it was all a marketing gimmick.

The FREE* upgrade is only a...

Installing Linux on a Mac, Why Bother?

I recommend a Hackintosh with Linux support

Lately, I found myself being asked by many of my readers, as well as some of my friends, if it's worth installing Linux on their Mac, so I decided to write this editorial and explain the situation from my point of view.

I don't own a MacBook, but some of my friends do, so I had the opportunity to install several Linux distributions, and even a Microsoft Windows operating system, on such an expensive computer, but I never understood why.

I mean, who spends so much money on a computer that already has a great, beautiful, powerful, stable, secure, BSD-based operating system, which after all is ...

Ubuntu Software Center Is Really Hated by the Community, but Why?

I would never understand why users don't like USC

Ubuntu MATE recently decided to drop the Ubuntu Software Center and it will no longer be available with the upcoming 15.10 Alpha 2 release. This is interesting in itself, but this editorial is about another aspect. From the looks of it, a very large part of the Ubuntu and Linux community really hates the Ubuntu Software Center.

In case you didn't already know this, the Ubuntu Software Center is a tool in Ubuntu distros that acts both as a store and a package manager. It's one of the first stores that made its way into an operating system and there are even some rumors around that the Mac App ...

Should You Be Buying an Ubuntu Phone Right Now?

You should try the Ubuntu Touch operating system

Lately, I've found myself being asked by readers about how I like the Ubuntu phone I own for some time now, if I’ve already got used to it, and if they should be buying one right now, or if they should wait a little more time. If yes, which one should they buy?

At the moment of writing this editorial, there are three Ubuntu Phone devices on the market, the BQ Aquaris E4.5, Meizu MX4, and BQ Aquaris E5 HD. Each of them is for different markets and people, as the BQ ones are being distributed only in EU (European Union), and the Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition is sold in both China and Europe.


Recreational Marijuana: An Honest Talk

Make no mistake about it, weed is not all fun and games

Earlier this week, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a report detailing the death of a 19-year-old in Colorado who jumped from the fourth floor of his building after having consumed a marijuana cookie. 

The cookie contained 65 milligrams of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the active ingredient in marijuana. The teenager was supposed to consume merely a sixth of it but ate it all when, after taking just one bite, he failed to feel any difference. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report concerning this young man’s death lists intoxication wi...

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Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete

Protect your online identity and your system against malware, viruses, adware and worms using this practical, useful and powerful application
Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete

ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

All-in-one application that offers protection against invasions and hackers, spyware and viruses, unauthorized data transfers and spam messages
ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite


An intuitive and easy-to-use application that allows users to create backups, encrypt and compress data, as well as schedule tasks

Microsoft Office

Collection of office applications designed to enable you to design documents, presentations or spreadsheets, as well as check your mail on your Mac
Microsoft Office

Undelete Plus

Thoroughly scan hard drives to find files you have accidentally erased and quickly restore them with this reliable and user-friendly software solution
Undelete Plus


File download accelerator with browser integration, task scheduler, automatic post-task actions, malware checker, MD5 and SHA1 verifier, Clipboard and browser monitoring, media grabber, video sniffer, and task cleaner

McAfee Total Protection

An effective protection solution against virus, online and network threats, which also features anti-spam and firewall components
McAfee Total Protection

VirtualBox for Mac

Cross-platform, free and general-purpose comprehensive virtualizer for x86 hardware, designed to be used for desktop, server or embedded devices
VirtualBox for Mac

SPSS Statistics

Statistical data modeller currently used within in government, academic and commercial organizations for analyzing and solving research and business problems
SPSS Statistics


Free and open-source app suite that features a word-processor (Writer), presentations and graphics tools (Impress and Draw), a spreadsheet app (Calc) along with database, mathematical (Math) and other useful office tools

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

A fast DVD ripper - rip DVD to AVI, MP4, MPEG, iPhone, iPad, iPod, PSP and other popular formats in high-quality as well as fast
WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

Smart Defrag

Keep your hard disk running at peak performance, defragment the selected partitions and optimize as well as to protect your system in no time
Smart Defrag


An efficient Twitter desktop client that provides an organized way to view your timeline, to manage different accounts at the same time and more


All-in-one OS X utility that comes packed with all the tools one needs to view, edit, convert, browse and organize large image collections

DiskMaker X

OS X tool designed to help you to quickly create a bootable Mac OS X Lion, Mountain Lion or Mavericks USB disk via an intuitive and powerful user interface
DiskMaker X
% discount
VirtualBox for Mac
  • VirtualBox for Mac
  • SPSS Statistics
  • LibreOffice
  • WinX DVD Ripper Platinum
  • Smart Defrag
  • TweetDeck
  • GraphicConverter
  • DiskMaker X
  • Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete
  • ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
  • Backup4all
  • Microsoft Office
  • Undelete Plus
  • EagleGet
  • McAfee Total Protection
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Microsoft Lumia 640 Dual SIM

Microsoft Lumia 640 Dual SIM
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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
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Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition

Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition Review
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Huawei Honor 6 Plus

Huawei Honor 6 Plus Review
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