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A screensaver utility that comes packed with a wide array of images and quotes from famous books, TV shows and well-known personalities

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Screensavers are a good way to distract yourself when you are not actively using the computer, as well as a good and efficient power saving method. To avoid the problem of having to manually change the screensaver image, you can make use of an application that automatically switches between them and even makes them more interesting, by using famous quotes.

Decorate your screen with a wide variety of images

Multi Photo Quotes is an application that enables you to keep your desktop screen interesting, by making use of a multitude of images depicting places around the world or scenes from popular TV shows. In addition, it also displays a short quote alongside every picture, some of which are taken from famous books and authors.

Right from the bat, the utility comes packed with quotations from the Sherlock Holmes books, The Art of War and the Family Guy animated TV show. The texts are not very long and they do no adhere to a specific subject, since their purpose is to offer you something to think about while you are taking a break from your computer.

Take advantage of the multi-monitor support

In case you have more than one monitor connected to your machine, the application allows you to take advantage and split the image across all of them. Thus, in the options window, you can enter the number of total monitor screens available and choose whether to add borders and margins to the overall setup.

In addition, you can also control the minimum and the maximum number of images that can be displayed at once you the screen, since the utility creates collages from the available files and displays them as a tiled arrangement. Moreover, you can also adjust their size in pixels, both for the horizontal and the vertical axis.

In conclusion

Thanks to the extensive amount of quotes included and the possibility to add your own images and texts into the mix, Multi Photo Quotes is a handy application to have around your computer, especially if you need something to relax while you are taking a break.

Multi Photo Quotes was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on July 15th, 2014
Multi Photo Quotes - The screensaver displays a selection of images and a random quote for each one.Multi Photo Quotes - Choose which actions disable the screensaver and modify the number of seconds between each picture change.Multi Photo Quotes - You can add quick away messages instead of codes and hide the date cells when the quick message is active.Multi Photo Quotes - screenshot #4Multi Photo Quotes - screenshot #5Multi Photo Quotes - screenshot #6Multi Photo Quotes - screenshot #7Multi Photo Quotes - screenshot #8Multi Photo Quotes - screenshot #9Multi Photo Quotes - screenshot #10Multi Photo Quotes - screenshot #11Multi Photo Quotes - screenshot #12