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A user-friendly and highly intuitive application that enables users to effortlessly block all the advertisements typically displayed on YouTube

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As popular as YouTube might be, a lot of users have complained that the ads it displays can sometimes be highly annoying and many of them rely on browser-based add-ons to hide or block them altogether. YouTube Ad Remover is a dedicated application that can disable video, text and image advertisements.

One needs to pay extra attention during installation so as to disable any third-party offer they do not want to download and install on their computer.

The graphic interface of the application is highly intuitive, thus encouraging even novice computer users to block the ads on YouTube and enjoy their videos without any distraction.

Furthermore, hiding all ads reduces the risk of clicking on any suspicious or malicious link that would lead to infecting the host computer (it does not eliminate the risk completely, as these URLs can be displayed on other websites than YouTube as well).

Once they launch YouTube Ad Remover, users simply need to click the dedicated switch and turn on the protection provided by the application. It might take some time until this change is applied onto all installed browsers, so one should wait a few minutes then open YouTube and start watching videos in an ad-free environment - users can safely close the main window of the app as this does not affect disabling the ads in any way.

If one changes their mind and they want to restore all ads, they simply need to open YouTube Ad Remover again and press the switch once more - the ad behavior will be restored to its initial state.

All in all, YouTube Ad Remover can come in handy to all users who have grown tired of all the commercials displayed on YouTube as they distract them from the actual video.

YouTube Ad Remover was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on December 2nd, 2014
YouTube Ad Remover - You simply need to click the dedicated button whenever you want to block YouTube ads

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