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A lightweight command line based application whose main purpose is to forward TCP / IP connections over Skype without affecting your conversations

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Skype Proxy serves to provide all that is needed in order to successfully forward TCP connections over Skype, the popular chat client. It can be instructed to listen for incoming connections from a specific contact or from the whole address book altogether.

General guidelines

The program queries Skype connections, therefore the chat client is a mandatory dependency. Also, in order for it to work properly, Skype needs to run during the forwarding operations, otherwise results will be null.

Command-line approach

Skype Proxy relies on three main components that become available as soon as deployment is completed. The main core of the application is a command-line utility, complemented by a tool for listening to connections, which is called upon during requests and one for the forwarding process.

Tips on usage can be retrieved by dragging the EXE file inside a command line window. The typical syntax for a successful runtime is the following: skypeproxy.exe ID listen/send contact_name local_port remote_port.

Send vs listen

When used in the send mode, Skype Proxy will perform the forwarding operations from a local to a remote port, directing the traffic to a remote machine. On the other hand, the listen mode makes it possible to forward connections from your Skype contacts based on their name.

The aspects that need refining

By adopting the form of a command line application, Skype Proxy narrows its audience drastically. The presence of a GUI could help a lot, not to mention the need for a more detailed help file that can provide extensive guidance.

Skype Proxy was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on February 21st, 2014
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