GPS for Google Earth

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Converts Google-Earth into a real-time-GPS-Navigation for Laptop and Netbook





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The GPS for Google Earth application converts the free Google Earth version into a GPS Navigation for Laptop or Netbook. The own GPS-position it shown and tracked in real time in "Google Earth".

Each one how owns a Laptop or Netbook has with "GPS for Google Earth" a navigation tool for the road, offroad, on the water or on the air.

In addition one needs only a little GPS receiver. There's no need to buy a full navigational system. A so called GPS mouse or a GPS USB dongle are available in low cost level.

The connection may be established by cable, USB or Bluetooth. The software itself isn't restricted to a special manufacturer.

The program works withh each GPS Receiver that provides NMEA. But this is the case for all commercialy available receivers.

The program isn't retricted to only one country. The GPS coverage is world wide. Even in fare-away places you'll find a way there and back.
Last updated on August 31st, 2009
GPS for Google Earth - The main interface of the program allows you to connect to GPS.GPS for Google Earth - In collapsed state it need only a tiny part of the screen while sending streadily your current position to "Google Earth"GPS for Google Earth - Each tour is automatically recorded. In addition one may play animations of formerly recorded GPS logs.GPS for Google Earth - You can use the GPS Receiver for automatic detection.

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