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An application that enables you to design and calculate parameters for beams, columns or posts, using steel or timber structures

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House design is not, by any means, an easy task undertake, regardless of your experience level or degree of expertise.

The calculations and parameters you use in the design are responsible for the stability and safety of the final structure, especially if you are designing support beams and columns for houses or any other kind of building.

Design steel and timber beams for your project

SuperBeam is an application that enables you to design every part of a support column, beam or post used in a construction project. From the basic aesthetic characteristics like width, height and length, to more in-depth properties like bending, shear and deflection, every parameter can be carefully modified to fit the requirements of the overall structure.

You can choose to design steel or timber beans, depending on the type of project you are working on. Each option comes with different parameters and coefficients, such as the permissible O/A section width for the steel, or the K3 loading duration factor for timber. You can add short descriptions for every created beam, where you can include extra details about the design.

View diagrams and a complete design analysis

Since every project usually requires more than one support beam, SuperBeam enables you to generate and view diagrams detailing the overall project properties, parameters and dimensions. This gives you an overview of the entire structure and allows you to notice any possible design mistakes or missing components.

You can also take a look over the complete project analysis conducted by the application and go through every element present in your design. By doing so, you can recheck every calculation and make sure every parameter and measurement is correct.

Closing arguments

Overall, SuperBeam is a useful application, featuring a wide array of options and possibilities. The interface is not very friendly with beginners and inexperienced users, but the utility is primarily aimed toward engineers and construction experts. It would not be wise to use it for structural design unless you are a professional engineer with extensive knowledge on the subject, since you might put the safety of the building in jeopardy.

SuperBeam was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on June 12th, 2014
SuperBeam - The main window of the application displays the steel design section and the project text description.SuperBeam - You can create new files or save the current project by accessing the File menu.SuperBeam - The Project menu enables you to add beams, columns, posts and text to your design.SuperBeam - screenshot #4SuperBeam - screenshot #5SuperBeam - screenshot #6SuperBeam - screenshot #7SuperBeam - screenshot #8SuperBeam - screenshot #9SuperBeam - screenshot #10SuperBeam - screenshot #11SuperBeam - screenshot #12SuperBeam - screenshot #13

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