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An engineering development software to help you with your work, especially when it comes to complex computations that have to be done fast

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Developing applications which hare used in scientific environments is not an easy job and the programmers involved in such projects will surely receive gladly all the help they can get. A software solution especially tailored for being used when dealing with this type of tasks is Python(x,y).

The main purpose of this highly specialized Python distribution is to facilitate the interpretation of several language and it can also serve in translating and reusing code from languages like Fortan and C++. Python(x,y) makes it possible for such code to be used with Python and its scripts.

Any developer interested in making the switch form their current scientific language used in programming will be able to enjoy, thanks to this particular package, all the necessary components, documentation included, to begin working in Python in the shortest possible time.

As for the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) used alongside Python(x,y), it uses Spyder, while the graphical user interfaces are based on Qt application development framework. All these ingredients will allow programmers to perform data analysis and visualization, as well as any needed calculations that require higher processing capabilities.

Since it is build for specialized professionals, Python(x,y) comes with a wide variety of tools that will make the programming tasks a bit easier. Thus, included by default in the package are a few dozens of Python scripts that can perform each a specific like pulling data from certain filetypes, plotting, managing medical imaging files (in DICOM format), visualizing or debugging.

Also part of this kit are some tools designed to extend the capabilities of the included IDE and the rest of the development tools. Thus, the SciTE text editor which is familiar to most developers is delivered with Python(x,y), as are WinMerge and MinGW.

Thanks to a very strong feature set that is based on several utilities and components, the whole package is definitely one that can accommodate the needs of scientific programmers and can be extended anytime.

Python(x,y) was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on October 29th, 2013
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