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A graphical user interface for CVS with all the features needed in administering any task that has to be carried out when creating or testing new software apps

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Managing software development projects is not an easy job for anyone, but there are many tools that can help in various aspects of this task. For instance, there's the well-known version control system called CVS (which stands for 'Concurrent Version System'), with its GUI versions, like WinCvs.

Practical and highly customizable interface for ease of use

The complexity of this software solution may be less evident at first glance, thanks to the well thought layout which keeps all the functions neatly organized and readily available. Prepared for shell integration, WinCvs needs Python or TCL to be present on the system in order to have this feature active.

The context menu that appears when right-clicking an item from the modules or files area can be modified, so it can receive more commands or leave out unnecessary ones. Also, the position of each context menu item can be set just as easily, from the same configuration area.

Powerful CVS features for file and project administration

The range of functions supported by WinCvs is quite broad and it includes numerous filters for tracking changes in files, directories and subfolders, graphical representations of file revision history and many more.

Editing data can be done on the spot or the selected code can be exported in a dedicated editor, while there is the possibility of creating and managing macros, which can automate many tasks and thus make them easier to carry out.

The support for remote operations means that new repositories can be created, modules are ready for importing with one click, while tags and branches can be administered equally easily.

A versatile front-end for CVS

On the whole, WinCvs is certainly well equipped for any task users can throw at it and it seems to be one of the best GUIs for performing any job related to the Concurrent Version System.

WinCvs was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on April 23rd, 2014
WinCvs - The application allows you to access an useful and intuitive interface for running tasks needed in software development.WinCvs - From the File menu of the application, you can save your output project to disk, and you can also access the printing settings.WinCvs - From the Edit menu of WinCvs, you can undo any modifications you have made to your project.WinCvs - screenshot #4WinCvs - screenshot #5WinCvs - screenshot #6WinCvs - screenshot #7WinCvs - screenshot #8WinCvs - screenshot #9WinCvs - screenshot #10WinCvs - screenshot #11WinCvs - screenshot #12WinCvs - screenshot #13WinCvs - screenshot #14