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Recording sound even at acceptable quality used to be quite a task back in the days. Times have changed, though, and all you need today is a computer and the right software to store audio streams way beyond the average level of excellence.

Leawo’s Music Recorder is a simple application designed specifically for the purpose of storing audio from internal or external sources.

The product is available for $19.99 / €15.17 or you can test it free of charge for as long as you want but the recorded time comes with a limitation.

At the moment, we’re running a giveaway campaign for Leawo Music Recorder and you can get a free license of the application, no strings attached.

Installing Leawo Music Recorder is an easy job as the process takes you through the standard routine and no third-party software is pushed onto the system. At one point, though, you have to give your consent for installing the proprietary audio driver that is absolutely necessary for recording audio data.

Looks are straightforward; the main application window offers brief instructions on how the program works. Basically, you have to pick the audio source (internal or external) and hit the “record” button when ready.

You don’t even have to synchronize the initiation of the recording process with the playback because the default configuration instructs the application to automatically split the track if silence is detected for more than 0.2 seconds.

Obviously, the duration can be increased to whatever value you see fit.

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You do not have to go beyond the main screen to start recording. In the upper part of the window there is the red button that starts the audio capture and the spectrum that indicates if there is activity or not.

Music Recorder automatically attempts to identify the tracks it captures. During our tests, it was not successful at all times but it managed to detect the correct song most of the times.

Occasionally it retrieved the wrong song with the right artist or informed us that no metadata could be found (title, artist, album, year, genre and album cover). However, it makes available the possibility to add the details manually or edit them.

The “Media” panel lists all recorded tracks (complete with details, if available) and features the option to create playlists, because Leawo’s product is also capable of playing the tracks. It’s a very basic player that comes with volume control, play next/previous entry and a pause button.

A search bar placed at the top right part of the screen helps you quickly find the desired track.

Right clicking on any entry offers access to export the item to iTunes. Unfortunately, there is no support for multiple selection, which would make the job much more comfortable with a larger number of files.

Because audio is routed through Leawo’s driver, the sound will be louder when the application is recording and continues to be so after the task is over.

Our tests included capturing the sound from a video player (both online and local) and we noticed that the picture is visibly delayed.

Although Music Recorder is extremely simple, it does include some interesting settings. For instance, it can store only the tracks that are longer than a specific duration (default is set to 15 seconds).

Additionally, the product features a task scheduler that allows you to set the start time for recording as well as how long the audio capture should take.

By default, Music Recorder saves the audio as MP3 with a 192 bitrate and a sample rate of 44100. The values can be adjusted to as much as 320kbps and 48000HZ. The resulting file will be larger, but of a better quality.

Sound can also be stored in WAV format, with the possibility to adjust the sample rate.

Leawo Music Recorder is very easy to handle and worked great during our tests. Even when we ran a playlist, it managed to make the difference between the tracks and split the recording with accuracy.

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The Good

It does not take long to install and a simple glance at the main application screen is enough to realize that it has been designed with the beginner user in mind.

You can schedule how much time the application should spend recording. It can save the tracks in MP3 and WAV format, and the quality of the output result can be customized.

The Bad

Watching video while recording the sound with Music Recorder is not an activity you want to engage in as the picture is displayed with delay and can ruin the experience.

The Truth

Leawo Music Recorder is a simple tool that achieves a simple purpose: records sound from internal or external devices. It does it quickly and effortlessly so that it is not a challenge even for beginners.


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